Monday, July 27, 2009

Pouts And Smiles- At Least He's Cute

Jimmie is doing better as far as the scary puking is concerned. He's had only 1 scary puke since Friday. I had just walked in the door at Rachael and Justin's when it happened- Saturday evening. Justin was lying on the couch not feeling well and Rachael had her hands in raw hamburger meat. She yelled, "grab him and turn him on his side Amber!" I ran over and picked him up. Unfortunately I didn't realize he was gripping the side of his play gym really hard. When I grabbed him up he kept ahold of it and it smacked into his head. So while he was puking and choking he also got whacked in the head. )-: Suffice it to say Jimmie was pretty mad about the whole thing. He didn't seem to have aspirated badly. I thought I noticed a minute or two of retractions a bit later, but overall he seemed fine.

He didn't really puke at all yesterday so that's encouraging. And this is without the Bethanecol. Rachael's pharmacy couldn't get it in until today. Rachael may hold off on that drug since he does seem a bit improved with his 3 doses of Zantac.

The other thing Rachael is doing different is feeding him less. She's not fighting with him to take more. She's just letting Jimmie dictate his amounts. At times he'll only take 30mls/1 ounce. And that's still with lots of screaming and arching. The Pediatrician came up with a smaller number than the Neonate for Jimmie's minimum to grow on. The Neonate told Rach he should "at least" be taking 90mls. Dr. S. says a little over 70mls on average should be fine. So Rachael is going to try this for a week or two. The hope is that Jimmie does grow sufficiently with an average of a little over 2 ounces every 3 hours.

We took this video Saturday evening. He was watching "Baby Einstein" in his bouncy seat. He pouted when the puppet dogs left the screen (those are his favorite). Then he looked over at me and just smiled and smiled. He just melts me! As Rachael says, "at least he's cute!" (-:


P.S. those of you that follow Mckmama- please be on your knees in prayer for Stellan. He is back in the hospital with SVT and is extremely critical.


  1. I LOVE that video, he's getting so big! Come on, Jimmie eat, eat, eat! Praying for Jimmie, and Stellan.

  2. Keep up the good work! Many, many prayers for Rachael today. May you have some stress-free moments.

  3. How sweet!! We're so glad he's doing better. What a blessing! We'll continue to pray for you all.

    We love you all so much!!
    Adrian, Janelle, and the kids

  4. Hello Amber

    I came across this site and have never looked back since. I myself am a mother of a premmie born at 31 weeks but whatever I and my son went through ain't the same as what Rachel and Jimmie went through.

    I wish nothing but Jimmie growing up healthily and have a wonderful childhood with his beloved parents and family

  5. Is he cute or what??? LOVE THE DIMPLES!! It is so wonderful to see your family getting to spend so much time with Jimmie AT HOME!! Our God is an AWESOME GOD!! I love to continue seeing how he is progressing. I hope his eating gets on the right track soon and stays there!!

    Jennifer Russell

  6. So Precious! Thank you Jesus for all your blessigs. My prayers are with you all.