Saturday, July 4, 2009

Down To The Lake

Justin's parents have a vacation home on the Lake Of The Ozarks. Rachael and Justin usually would go with Rod and Kathy every 6 weeks or so for a fun weekend. They have not been since before Christmas. Today they are packing Jimmie up and taking him on his first little vacation down to the lake! They will stay one night and come home tomorrow evening. Rachael said she and Jimmie will just be staying at the house. They won't go out on the boat. They won't go out to eat. They won't go into Silver Dollar City. BUT- it's still awesome that they can go and it'll be a nice change of pace for Justin and Rachael. And since Rod and Kathy will be there it'll be fun for Rach because she'll have a lot of extra help with Jimmie. He'll be super happy because he loves to be held.

Jimmie fell asleep in his swing with his hands up by his face. Rach snapped his picture. It's blurry cause his swing was moving.

Jimmie is starting to show more and more personality. The other day he threw up a little milk and it somehow went into his eye. Rachael said she ended up bathing him- which he loves, but he was so mad about the milk in his eye he screamed through the whole bath.

A few days later he pooped out of his diaper and threw up all of himself at the same time. Rachael was walking him to the bath and she said in a funny voice, "ewww Jimmie you are nasty!" And he gave her a HUGE smile!!!

Over all he seems to be a pretty serious little guy. We know he smiles purposely, but he doesn't give those away very easily. He has had a lot to be serious about in his young life.

Happy Independence Day to everybody and Happy Birthday to Ma (Andrea).



  1. Yay for vacation!! WOO HOO!! Give Jimmie kisses for us. He sure is cute sleeping in that swing. And you're right, Rachael. Babies are sooooo nasty sometimes.

    Have a great time and Happy 4th of July!!

    Happy birthday, Andrea!!

    Lots and lots of love,
    Adrian, Janelle, and kids

  2. Happy birthday, Andrea!

    Here's another YAY for a vacation! Just taking a break in routine is nice.

    Jimmie is becoming Mr. Personality. You can see it in his eyes. I bet he doesn't miss a thing!

    Glad all are doing well. Praises to Him.

    Blessings to all of you.