Monday, March 8, 2010

Ear Infection Times Two

Jimmie worsened in the night and started running a fever again. Rachael and Justin took him to the doctor this morning and the poor little guy has a double ear infection. )-: He's been really miserable, coughing, lots of snot and puking . . . This is his first ear infection. They are filling a prescription for antibiotics. Rach was undecided whether or not she wanted to go that route so Justin made the decision. Pray that the antibiotic clears up the infection and that his ears heal and stay healthy! The good news is his lungs sound great. Rachael has a stethoscope and has in her words, "been obsessively listening to his lungs". She has thought they sounded fine and the NP confirmed that today saying they sound chrystal clear- which is so important for Jimmie. He does have Chronic Lung Disease because of his prematurity although you wouldn't know it. He has not once had an infection or any trouble with them. Well except for his crash and bleed back in the NICU when he was a little over month old.

Jimmie is going to spend the afternoon with Ma so she can apply TKM therapy. Justin has already had this nasty virus, but Rachael has not. She has a bad sore throat this morning so she may be coming down with it. )-:

Thank you for praying!



  1. many thoughts and prayers in hopes of a so so speedy recovery for all!

  2. Poor little guy. That's so painful!! I know you know this already, but make sure you get lots of good probiotics into him.

    We'll keep praying for all of you.

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle