Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eating Problems

Jimmie is sick. He has a fever of around 101. Justin has been sick for the past week so it's probable Jimmie has what he has had. Please pray that he gets over this quickly and easily.

Another matter for prayer. Jimmie has been eating so well that about a week ago Rachael and his nutritionist decided to cut back his tube feeds to only 3 in the late afternoon and evening. Ever since they cut his tube feeds back Jimmie hasn't been eating as well. He's ultimately taking in an acceptable amount still, but it is not as easy to get him to eat . . . He's fighting it and is fussy. This has really knocked Rachael down into the dumps and discouraged her. Jimmie "seems" to have responded to this change in his feeding schedule negatively. If that is the case it is clear that this is a psychological problem for Jimmie. Or perhaps you could call it a "challenge" instead of "problem"...

Anyway- Rachael was not really looking at this change originally as a weaning attempt. We kind of just figured that after he started taking enough liquids to stay hydrated the tube feedings could go away with no ill effect. But if the conclusions we have drawn about this are accurate than it seems that dependency on the tube could effect his eating over all (solids too). Which is a bit depressing. Rachael expressed that what she does not want is for Jimmie to be 2 years old and pulling up his shirt and asking for a feed in his g-tube. We know that "physically" he is perfectly capable of eating and has been doing so beautifully.

Now it is possible we are wrong in our suspicion and that something else has effected Jimmie this past week and caused him to be fussy and hard to feed. Perhaps he's not felt well, perhaps his new tooth that came in was hurting . . . Obviously it's impossible for us to know for sure at this time.

So please just continue to pray for Jimmie and his eating! Also pray for Rachael and Justin to have patience, peace and wisdom for this part of Jimmie's journey.

In case you missed it- check out the post below! I posted a "must see" cuter than cute video of Jimmie walking . . . well trying . .anyway. (-:



  1. Rachael,

    Do NOT be discouraged. Jimmie has come so far, and he is now God's little miracle. Setbacks happen. He is growing accustomed to changes, but at his own pace. So he will fight some of it. Let's give it up to Our Father. He knows what is best. He's walking far sooner than anyone would have ever imagined. So he's not talking - my twins born more than full term didn't either - and then they had their own language, and they were fraternal. He's got the best mom and dad, the best grandparents, the best aunts and uncles, and so many people who love and pray for him. When he decides to eat and drink, watch out. And when he starts talking, watch out world. He's going to knock our socks off.

  2. Thank you for the pep talk Anonymous! (-: I had a little piece of good news and totally forgot to write it. Jimmie has started babbling in the last 3 days. He's still fairly quiet, but Rach has heard him say, "babababa mamamama dadadad".

  3. Yay for babbling!! We're praying for all of you. It's no fun to be a sick baby, but it's no fun taking care of one, either. We'll keep praying about the eating. Hopefully it's just the result of the sickness coming on.

    Lots of love to you all,
    Adrian and Janelle

  4. Praying all gets well, those little teethe can cause a lot of problems mine had ear infection all the time until there were all cut in with fever on and off ears hurt her when trying to eat.

  5. Loved the walking video! His little personality just shines through. He will keep you hopping!

    Denise Fultz