Thursday, March 11, 2010

Post Delayed-Updated!


Long day! The 13th month post is 1/2 done, but I won't be able to get to the rest of it until tomorrow. My little girl has been diagnosed with a nasty double ear infection today- just like Jimmie.

Jimmie unfortunately had to go back to the doctor today because Rachael thought she could hear something in his lungs. Sure enough- he has a little fluid mid-line in his left lung. The good news is it does not seem to be infected. He is not feverish and he is satting 100 oxygen wise. He is eating much better and playing and seems to feel better than he did a few days ago. However because of his micro-preemie history they are going to play it safe and give him a big guns antibiotic to hopefully prevent it from turning into pneumonia.

Please pray that Jimmie's body takes care of the fluid quickly and that he would heal completely from this horrible, no good, very nasty virus!

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Between Rachael and Jimmie being sick and me and my two kids being sick, well- Jimmie's 13th month birthday post is not going to happen tonight. Hopefully I'll get it done and posted tomorrow!



  1. I wanted to share this with you and Rachel. There was an article in Her Life Magazine about an OT that works just with feeding issues of children ages 0-3 (prematurity, Down's Syndrome, reflux kids, etc etc). Here is the link to the magazine where you can download the article. Is this the same OT?? Her name is Jami Growney.

    Allison Dull

  2. Allison, I will check out the artical, no it is not the same OT but I will check her out. Thanks

  3. Rachael,
    It sounds like she comes to your home and does it there - I know you love your OT but I thought it was interesting how this one did home visits where she can observe the child eating at home. Yours may do this already though.