Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sickness Update

Jimmie is feeling better. The past two nights he's slept the night in his crib. He still has a lot of snot though and has been puking a lot! All of the puking he is doing really has Rachael discouraged. There is no way he is getting enough right now to grow on and she's afraid they are going backwards again. This winter has been pretty tough on Jimmie in that respect. Every time he has made headway on his weight gain some thing has knocked him backwards again. We are hoping he can maintain 14 pounds, but it's not looking good. He's has been all the way to 14lbs 8oz twice now. Last time he went back a whole pound. We don't know where this will leave him yet. So please pray the puking stops. We think it's possibly all the snot he has or maybe the antibiotics...

Tomorrow is Jimmie's 13th months birthday, so hopefully we'll have the latest summary post up by tomorrow evening.

We really appreciate your prayers!



  1. I'm glad Jimmie's sleeping better! As an encouragement to you Rachael, all kids get stomach bugs and lose weight at some time, and they tend bounce back pretty quickly. So, although Jimmie is unique, hopefully he'll surprise you by bouncing back just as quickly as any other baby would!

    We love you all, and you're always in our prayers!!
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. Hope Jimmie feels better soon!
    Many blessings!! <3

  3. I feel for you guys mine was like that with the ears and fever all the time till all teethe had cut in, then finally got better. It was like one week doing great and the next started all over again none stop ear problems. At one point thought maybe she had allergy problems and tested her and they found nothing. Then all those teethe finally in it stopped. I would have never thought. Which the lucky thing for us was she cut them all in buy the age of 2, so hang in there.