Thursday, September 2, 2010

Open Doors

Rachael and Justin will have them all over their house. Jimmie taught himself how to open doors this afternoon. Rachael was in their basement doing something when she heard a noise and then Jimmie's voice. She went to check and there was Jimmie standing at the top of the stairs with a self satisfied smile on his face. Rachael quickly went up the stairs and shut the door again and asked Jimmie, "show momma Jimmie.." So he smiled, went up on his tip toes, grabbed the door handle, pulled it down and the door popped open!

This is BIG TROUBLE! Rachael and Justin will now need to install some sort of safety locking system on some of their doors.

Jimmie is doing okay. He's gaining weight very slowly though. Only 3 ounces this past month. His nutritionist (yesterday) suggested an appetite stimulant. Rachael researched it and really does not want Jimmie to use it. She feels strongly about Jimmie naturally taking in what he needs to. She is trying to be relaxed with his weight gain and accept that this is just where Jimmie is right now. He is continuing to grow in height and is developing well. Remember she is not supplementing what he eats with tube feeds anymore. She never did very many tube feeds and even back when he was on tube feeds almost exclusively he never responded to it with good weight gain. So she knows that is not the answer.

What Rachael really wants is for him to not get sick as much and for him to get over the sicknesses he does get faster. She feels that will help at least in part with his weight gain.

She is doing a lot of natural things to try to help with his immune system.

We would appreciate some fat prayers and prayers for health for our little Jimmie!

Here are those videos I promised! Jimmie motor boating, Jimmie honking the boat horn and Jimmie in the aftermath of some brown sugar shenanigans . . . . He's so CUTE!



  1. O my goodness, that is scary about the opening the doors! Mercy me. and these videos are just too cute. I love all three. Thanks for posting them, Amber! you have done such a good job with the blog.

  2. Ooo he is such a cutie n i loved the brown sugar the look was *nope i'm not i'm just gonna walk away nw* :)....Ur doing well jimmie keep up the good work n lets hope for sum good weight gains this mnth :)...Jay

  3. We're praying for healthy weight gain--and for Mama's (and Daddy's) peace about it all! =)

    Great videos! He's such a cutie!

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle

  4. I am a new follower! Your son is beautiful! My daughter was a 26 weeker, and I know all about weight troubles! I am praying for fat prayers for you too!!