Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Photo Shoot- By Jimmie Gravitt

I have not gotten to write a post here in a while. So I convinced auntie to let me tell you about last Friday.

Mommy organized a fall photo shoot with my cousins out on our land! Mom invited Cole and McKenna, told them to wear orange, told them to bring their pumpkins and camera- while she got a hay bale, more pumpkins and mums.

We started in a place that had too much sun and shadow, but there were still some cute shots.

That's because I am skilled and I don't squint.

Yes- I'm workin it, different angles and everything.

My cousins on the other hand. Oh my gosh!

Okay so this one is not too bad.. Enjoy this picture because I believe it's the only one where both Cole and McKenna are lookin at the camera and Kenna is almost smiling..
Cole open your eyes! McKenna look at the camera! See! Just like me.

Okay good Cole! BUT McKenna!
Lets try again, this is fun! Oh dear!

So then mommy and auntie thought we should move to a different place with more shade.

This spot was PERFECT for pictures, but my 2 cousins still couldn't get it right.
Guys, look! Just look at the camera and smile!
Like this!
Oh for crying out loud . . .
I'm done- I can't work like this!
That's right- it's time to go solo..
Watch and learn oh cousins of mine.

What!!?? We have to try the 3 of us again!
You got to be kidding. This is just not happening.
Ok, maybe if I touch her head she'll look up and smile..
Um- nope . . .

Alright that is it! I'm throwing my pumpkin!
That's right- I'm officially finished.
Get me out of here!!!

Ahem, yeah- I kind of lost it at the end, but I can only take so much. I mean I gave mommy and auntie lots of good material. It's not my fault that Cole and McKenna are not as highly trained in the art of looking cute for the camera.

Lets end this post on a good note.

I just know you enjoyed lookin at these awesome pictures of little ole me. And just so you know, Cole is better behind the lens.. That's right- he takes awesome pictures. And McKenna- well she's very photogenic when she doesn't know her picture is being taken.

And one more thing, I do have hair- believe it or not! It's just very very blond.

That's all for now,
Jimmie Jim Jim


  1. with 6 of them...we NEVER get a pic with them all looking, eyes open, smiling, or not picking their nose but that is what I love most about our family pictures. I pick the one I look good in and let the kids be who they are and sometimes it just isn't....well let's say polished :)

  2. Too cute!! What great pictures! What a beautiful group of kids!

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. That is too cute. They all are adorable. I love Jimmies Smile!

    April O.