Tuesday, April 5, 2011

trucking along

Sorry about the MIA again. This is Rachael writing (I know gasp) I just wanted to update.

Amber is still very sick. She finally saw an OB today. She needed fluid and had an elevated heart rate because of dehydration. Last I talked to her they had her hooked up to IVs They found the baby on the ultrasound. It looks great. She will be going back to the Doctor on Monday to set up a long term care plan. She will be 12 weeks at the end of the week. Please continue to pray for her. She sounded upbeat and relived that the Doctors would be watching her closely. My Mom has been taking care of her and the kids. Amber’s good days are laying on the couch not feeling nauseated. Bad days are laying on the couch feeling nauseated and vomiting.

Last week We (Amber and I) were supposed to visit out dear friend Amy in Vancouver Canada. Jimmie ended up getting sick along with Ambers two children. Vomiting, fever, that kind of thing. We cancelled the trip. We were very disappointed but knew with the kids being sick it would be no fun. Turns out Ambers health went way down hill (see above).

Jimmie came though the sickness very well. He is 100% better now. I don’t think he lost much weight. We are going though a little rough patch with the sleeping, He decided to do the behavioral puke thing again. It only happens when I put him down. So Daddy gets to take a turn with the bed time routine. He is still sleeping about 11 hours at night in his crib and about two hour naps. This morning he was looking outside doing his unh? unh? I look over at him in his high chair he was making the sign for sun! He wanted me to talk about how the sun was coming up. I love that kid! He is still having a hard time speaking but is trying to say more things. I will leave you this this recent picture. It really captures Jimmie's need for movment!

Blessings, Rachael


  1. great post, Rachael!!! And awesome pic of my Jimmie Jim Jim!

  2. So sorry I missed this post. What a great picture! We're so happy that Jimmie came through his illness without losing too much weight. Hope he gets back on track with his sleeping! We're praying for you, Amber!

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle