Friday, September 16, 2011

A boy and his dog

I know this is not the post you were all looking forward to. That one is still in drafts at this moment. Instead you get this little story.

It has turned colder here. So that means not as much time outside. Jimmie would spend all day outside if I let him. I did this summer, you should see his tan. When Jimmie is outside he is playing with his dog Mack, they are inseparable.

I know where Jimmie is because Mack lets me know. I have witnessed Mack gently taking Jimmie's arm in his mouth and lead him away from places he is not supposed to be. If I ever lose track of Jimmie I call Mack and say where’s baby? He takes me to him. Did I mention Mack is an outside only dog? Jimmie has never really seemed to want him inside. Until today, well really it all started yesterday. I was folding laundry in our room, I knew Jimmie was in the living room playing. I came out to put some towels away and Mack was in the house, not just in the house, but with his paws on my kitchen table licking Jimmie’s tray. I quickly shooed him out told Jimmie not to let the dog in.

Fast forward to today. I was cleaning the kitchen listening to music. I knew Jimmie was in his room playing with toys. I went to check on him, he had shut the door and the light was off I could hear he was playing with a light up toy in the dark. I left him alone, I checked again same thing, I did not open the door. Then he comes out with you guessed it- the DOG! He was in his room for at least 20 min? Now his room smells like dog. I might be fighting this battle all winter long.

Blessings, Rachael