Friday, February 10, 2012


We are so sad to see our therapists go. Jimmie turning three makes him too old to receive our state's early intervention services.

Miss T. has been with us since the week we came home from the NICU. We laugh when we remember she first saw him before he was supposed to be here. Miss T. has been so helpful in giving tips and tricks to help him to sit and concentrate. We will miss you.

Miss L our OT. She has been with us though the feeding crises from about 2 months old adjusted. She has had wonderful suggestions and tips as well. She taught Jimmie how to work an Ipad! Jimmie tends to hit his fine motor skills a little late. Miss L. has been so patient and relaxed, and very reassuring to me. We will miss you too!

Miss D. our Nutritionist. I cannot say enough how much she helped us. She is the only nutritionist in our area that supports food through feeding tubes. She was so helpful in dissecting how many calories Jimmie needed without over feeding. She has never been happy about his weight but is wonderful at using other factors on how he is overall developing. How he was doing cognitively and motor were always a part of our conversations. She has been nothing but supportive in my "off the beaten path" approach to things. Goats milk, keifer etc.. She was all for not going the pediasure route and had my back with the Doctors. I will miss her reassuring voice telling me he is ridiculously skinny but looks great! I hope her mission to have tube fed kiddos on blended diets will become the norm. You know Miss D. you will be hearing from me.

Miss H. had been more a part of our family that I would have ever thought possible. She has been with us for at least a year and a half two times a week. The smile Jimmie gives her at the door is priceless. I can't imagine her not being there :(  She has helped Jimmie learn in his own way. We have had our sessions with him jumping on the couch,  playing in his little pool outside,  him rolling and jumping all over. He seems to do better when he is moving rather than concentrating solely on his speech. I can't tell you how many tips and trick she has taught us and I use everyday. When she started with us he had maybe 2 words. Today I can't even count, you might not be able to understand them but the improvement has been vast. Her dedication to helping Jimmie and all the children she works with is a wonderful passion and we will be forever grateful.

It is a bittersweet ending. I have had a few tears saying goodbye. We will of course keep in touch, but it won't be the same.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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