Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jimmie's Nanny

Here she is! One of Jimmie's Nannies. He has TWO! It's about time we told you all what Jimmie is drinking out of his soft tipped Nuby sippy cup.

That's right! Goats milk! Jimmie has been drinking goats milk from two Nanny Goats for the past month. A month ago Rachael started drying up and she went with it and weaned herself from the pump.

Here is the precious Nanny kissing Rachael. I'm thinking Rachael kissed her back!

Rachael is so very grateful for this fresh goat's milk for Jimmie for quite a few reasons.

1. It is much fattier than her milk.

2. Jimmie reacts badly with loose stools, mucous and puking to cows milk and all kinds of formula. However the goats milk is treating him wonderfully!

3. Jimmie loves the taste and has progressed to 16 ounces a day!

4. And last, but certainly not LEAST Rachael is free- FREE from pumping. She slaved away with that pump for 15 months to provide Jimmie with her breast milk. Now it has become clear that her milk is no longer sustaining Jimmie the way it needs too and a wonderful healthy alternative has been found!

So last Friday Jimmie went to visit the Farm where his milk comes from and meet his Nanny.

He also got to meet all the kids! They were super cute and excited to meet him!

Maybe a little too excited . . .

Despite being practically buried in licking bleating baby goats- Jimmie was not scared.

"Scared" rarely ever describes Jimmie . . .

He loved this big huge dog!

And this one!

Can you guess what scared Jimmie on the farm?

There is a clue in this picture . . . (-:

Did you guess? Yep, a chicken! It's those pesky BIRDS!

They scare our brave little man into a panic.

He really is brave though.

Despite his fear he wanted to touch one . . .

He walked around in the chicken coop bravely . . .

Here he is reaching out in friendship . . .

An olive branch if you will . . .

Sweet brave boy!

We are very thankful for our Lady Farmer and her two Nanny Goats. They are filling our Jimmie's tummy with yummy fatty milk!

Go Nannies Go!



  1. Loved the post and the pictures, Amber!!!! I know you are really busy right now and I appreciate you keeping us up to date! Yeah for goat's milk!

  2. awesome! cute post! great pics :)

  3. great pics and great photos!
    A very special thank you to Tammy! and Lulu the goat.

  4. Yay for Rachael's new-found freedom!! It's always a relief to have your body back to yourself for a while. =)

    Yay for goat milk!

    Love to you all!
    Adrian and Janelle

  5. This is really sweet! Congrats for Rachael for weaning - and getting her body back, and congrats to Jimmie for finding some yummy stuff that he really likes (and likes him back). Yea!!!

  6. Oh my, she gives me strength that I can make it through this pumping phase. Wonderful that you have access to such fantastic nutrition - and that Jimmy has reacted so well. Congrats to mom and babe for their determination to find something that works for both of them!

  7. Hi Rachael and Jimmie! I peek in on your blog periodically and really have enjoyed watching Jimmie's progress. He is a remarkable young man! I heard from some of the other nurses that you came up to visit the Antepartum unit at Overland Park Regional a couple weeks ago and was very sad to have missed you :-(. Rachael, you were so brave and courageous the whole time you were with us fighting to keep Jimmie in. Your room always emitted such a positive energy, both from you and your friends/family. Keep up the good work and I look forward to watching Jimmie grow.

    Go, Jimmie, go!
    Susan Thrasher - Nurse Practitioner, OP Regional

  8. Woooohooo for goats milk!!!!! It is the best for babies! Actually closest to the breast milk in many ways and so that's why babies transition to that better than to cow's milk. My kids are both on goats milk since i stopped breastfeeding them, although we buy it in the store :( I would love to get it from the farmer - does this farmer sell it to ppl? Where are they located? Or if anyone knows of some local farms, please let me know.
    And Jimmie - what a beautiful big boy you are!!!!Really really cute kid!!! Those pictures are so cool! I am sure he loved it at the farm! The goats are cute too ;)



  9. Hi Misha,
    We get milk in Louisberg, Kansas. Tammy said I could share her email address with the blog.
    Tammie Crandall ;
    You can contact her for more information.
    She has a wonderful farm.
    Blessings to you,

  10. Andrea, thank you! I'll check how far Louisberg is from us, I would love to visit her farm!

    Hope all is well and blessings to your family too!