Friday, June 25, 2010

Jimmie's Shiner

Jimmie's first black eye. )-:

Rachael is so sad. Jimmie has been sleeping rather restlessly lately and sometime in the night she woke to a big WHACK and Jimmie screaming. She brought him to bed and comforted him. Then she woke up to this. )-:

To use bumper pads or not to use bumper pads - that is the question... She doesn't because of the suffocation risk, but seriously, waking to your baby having a black eye from the crib is NOT COOL!

In other better news Jimmie's nutritionist came yesterday and in the month since her last visit Jimmie has gained 14 1/2 ounces, grown 3/4 ths of an inch and is now on the regular growth chart in height! He's 30 inches tall! Go Jimmie go!

Pray for Jimmie to sleep well, his eye to heal and as always to eat eat eat!



  1. Oh, poor Jimmie! Kiss his booboo for me!

  2. Poor baby! We use Breathable Bumpers in our cribs. They've saved us many stuck limbs, bruises, etc, while being worry-free. It might be something you'd be interested in looking into.

    I hope you all get a more peaceful night's sleep tonight!


  3. sweet darling boy - his eyes speak volumes - even when he's got a fabulous shiner! I hope he heals well and without incident! WONDERFUL weight gain! AND on the charts for height?! amazing. just amazing. many prayers for happy eating - and happy sleeping.

    xo, Heather, Mary Louise and David


    I remember when Sean was little, he fell and bit right through his lip! I cried more than he did. Then Ian smacked the bridge of his nose on the edge of some sharp bricks while he was crawling in our family room!!!! I cried again!!!
    The point is, I guess, that it seems to hurt us as much or more than the baby and as you can see, I certainly remember it more!