Friday, July 2, 2010

Down At The Lake And Fleas

Justin, Rachael and Jimmie are down at the lake this week with Rod and Kathy. Rachael has called twice to say they are having a great time!! This is the fourth time I think they have taken Jimmie down there and every other time has been very stressful and not much fun for Rachael. Jimmie is doing really well. He's eating and drinking a lot. He's napping well and enjoying their outings. I'll tell you more about their trip later when I have pictures to go with it.

Last weekend Rachael was completely horrified to discover their house was infested with fleas. There seems to be a HUGE flea problem on their land and the flea treatment "Frontline" they were using on Mack (dog) and Misty (cat) stopped working. She has literally waged war and in her words, "I WILL NOT LOSE"!! She cleaned and then bug bombed and then washed everything washable and wiped down every dish and surface. Mom and Kathy helped her with Jimmie and with cleaning. Mack only ever comes in the garage, but he is now barred from that. And she kicked Misty out. Misty is 19 years old and deaf. She had a nice cool place on the deck with food and water and her litter box, but the morning they left for the lake she was no where to be found. )-: Rachael is sad, but swears she is never having indoor animals again. Picking fleas off Jimmie is THE LAST STRAW. Justin has also treated the yard around the house. This has just been a nightmare for Rachael. She keeps everything so nice and clean for Jimmie and to pick fleas off of him and out of his crib really freaked her out. Mom said she was in tears a few times.

Anyway, pray that situation resolves. Rachael and Justin's home is beautiful and their land is beautiful, but sometimes beating back nature out in the country has it's trials.



  1. Oh no!! What a pain! I'm praying they all go away and stay away!!

    Glad they're having fun at the lake!!

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. salt on carpets dries out the fleas and helps to get them under control

    Chris w

  3. The frontline only works on either adults or larvae but the other has to be killed off by a pill from the vet which isn't expensive. Also bug bombs will only kill live fleas but not their eggs which will hatch in a couple weeks. A professional exterminator has to do the treatment and then again in a couple weeks to kill off all adults and larvae.

  4. that sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm soooo sorry! i'll be praying for you guys!