Friday, August 13, 2010


Jimmie's 18th month post is almost done and that's what I was going to post tonight, but Leigh (Gideon's Auntie) sent me a sobering update. Gideon is very heavy on my heart and I just want all of you to intercede for him and his family. He is *really* struggling. He is at 100% oxygen on an Oscillating Ventilator which is extremely critical. This is the maximum amount of support they can give him. If he crashes or needs more . . . there is nothing they can do. They started him on a steroid yesterday to try and help his lungs develop, but as of this afternoon they were not happy with it's results so they are giving him their "big guns" steroid which they explained - because of the side effects they only use in the very worst case scenarios. He also had another brain ultrasound this afternoon. I don't know the results though...

Pray that Gideon's lungs will start working as needed and that there will be no major side effects from this steroid. There is hope! Where there is life there is hope. Gideon can fight back from this. Pray pray pray! And please remember his loving family in your prayers. As you may imagine this is beyond agonizing for them. He is a beautiful boy and has opened his eyes the last few days. He stayed fairly stable today while Reghan (his mommy) was there...

Jimmie's post can wait until tomorrow evening.

Thank you!



  1. Am Praying!

    Love Aunt Suzy and Uncle Lin

  2. I am baby Gideon's grandma (he's my first grandbaby, and I love him so much already!). I cannot tell you what it means to me and my family to know that we have re-connected with a family who was so special to us in the past, over the journey and miracle of Jimmie! Our loving Heavenly Father is continuing to use the life of Jimmie, and of his family, to encourage us daily!

  3. We are so grateful to the Eudaly's for sharing and holding us up, and for everyone's prayers. God bless you all!

  4. We're continuing to pray!

    Adrian and Janelle

  5. Amber, I just found out about this. Oh, Lord that is unimaginable! May tiny Gideon and his family feel our God! He is near! He is almighty! I will be praying!


  6. We will be praying for Gideon