Sunday, August 22, 2010

Home from Vacation

Justin, Rachael and Jimmie have been down at the lake for 10 days with Grandpa Rod and Grandma Kathy. We joined them there earlier this week. We had a great time!! More about that with video and pictures in the next few days. Jimmie is doing GREAT!!

Gideon is doing better! His mommy Reghan got to hold him for the first time yesterday! He is a few days over a month old. He still needs a lot of prayer, but the fact that he is stable enough to be held is very good news!



  1. So glad to hear Jimmie and Gideon are doing well! Will continue to pray for Gideon (and Jimmie).

  2. that's great! i can't wait to see pictures! i'm so glad that Gideon is improving. I'm still praying!!!