Thursday, November 19, 2009

Messy Eatin

Jimmie had another appointment with his new OT today. We'll call her Ms. C. She's the one who thinks he'll need a tube for a long while yet. Today she gave them a special baby tooth brush that vibrates at a certain frequency. Jimmie is doing really well with it. She is also recommending that they make a BIG MESS when Jimmie eats. She literally had them rub baby food all over his face and hands and let him splash and play in his food. This is supposed to be very good developmentally for your kid when they are learning how to eat. Rachael has asked my mom to design and sew some sort of "over frock" for Jimmie so that laundry doesn't get out of control with all of the messy eating. (-:

Ms. C. continues to think Jimmie is doing really well, but that it could be a couple of years before he'll take in enough without a tube. Again she is not really pushing them towards g-tube, but re-stated that if this was her daughter's kid (her grandson) she would push it. She just really thinks getting that tube out of Jimmie's nose and throat will help him on his way to the land of eating by mouth. (-: She does insist that it is a very personal decision.

Rachael is very hesitant to put Jimmie in a hospital for an elective surgery during RSV/Flu season. Ms. C. thinks it would be fine to wait until spring to schedule Jimmie's g-tube surgery if that's what Rachael feels better about. We'll see, no decisions have really been made regarding this yet.

The last few days Jimmie has been puking more again. Rachael is not sure why, but the only thing new she has eaten is a super healthy granola she made. She'll stop eating it and see if the puking stops.

Continue to pray for Rachael while she's on this diet- especially as the holidays come up. It's fairly depressing to miss out on all of that good "eatin".

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for our sweet Jimmie Jim Jim.



  1. messy eatin' sounds fun! maybe not the clean up though. good idea on rach's part to keep it under control! i will pray for you rach about the diet. you are so strong, i admire how dedicated you are to doing whatever you can to help jimmie! i don't blame you for not wanting to have him around all those sick people and germs. it freaks me out and we don't deal with anything like you do! love the new pictures. i love love love jimmie's little hat! too cute! he looks big in these pics!

  2. Continued prayers for Jimmie and Rachel and family.