Saturday, November 28, 2009

My First Thanksgiving- by Jimmie Gravitt

Thursday I celebrated my first Thanksgiving. Mommy, Daddy and my Grandma Kathy loaded me up and we took a 2 hour drive to Columbia, MO where my great Uncle Brian and Aunt Lisa hosted a Thanksgiving feast! Uncle Brian is my Pa- mommy's dad- (Jay's) youngest brother. Did you get that? Well- whatever all you really need to know was it was so much fun! There was so much to look at that I was never bored and refused to sleep.

I was so glad Grandma Kathy came with us. Grandpa Rod had to work which was a bummer, but the fire engines still have to be ready even on thanksgiving.

Boy does it take them a while to pack and load up me up. Mom says it's crazy everything she has to bring when she takes me places. I don't know what all the fuss is about . . . ? It's just diapers, wipes, milk, enzymes, probiotics, baby food, bibs, blankets, high chair, airplane saucer, special feeding brush, feeding pump, feeding bags, extra batteries, blanket, baby monitor, change of clothes, suction bulb, toys, breast pump for mommy, sanitizer wipes, hand sanitizer for adults, hand sanitizer for me . . . Oh and the camera- must NOT forget the camera cause Auntie Amber wouldn't know what to do with herself if she wasn't always pointing and clicking that thing at me while being crazy and making silly noises and faces.

There were about 30 people there and most of them dear family members that have NEVER MET ME IN PERSON! Can you believe that??? I'm 9 months old and I have been hiding my cool mysterious self this whole time! Well not really, I let my auntie write and post pictures all about me on this blog.

It was fun to come of out of hiding and dazzle everyone with my little awesome self! Mommy has rules, if you touch me- you better use sanitizer. No one, but my grandparents can hold me. If you've been sick or around someone sick stay waaaaay back and out of my face. I think everyone is so funny when they gather round and just stand and look at me. I look right back. I stare them down actually with my piercing blue eyes!

There were lots of questions for my mommy. . . I told mom to bring along my first ever onsie and my little rottweiler puppy so everyone could see how much I have grown. Everyone agrees I am a miracle that we are SO thankful for.

I'm just thankful my Grandma Kathy suggested I get to chew on a turkey leg.

My daddy got one on his first Thanksgiving. Yes people- that cute little kid below IS MY DAD!

Too bad I have the tube in my nose giving me away! Otherwise I'd have you all guessing which is me and which is dad. (-:

I'm thankful for food.

(What?? I am!!)

I'm thankful for my fun daddy.

I'm thankful for nakey time and toys!

I'm thankful for my beautiful mommy.

I'm thankful that (my cousins) Cole, McKenna and I got to hang together on this thanksgiving holiday!

I'm thankful for Ma...

and Pa!

and my crazy Auntie Amber . . .

I'm thankful for Grandma Kathy...

and Grandpa Rod!

I'm thankful for 2 parents who love each other.

I'm thankful for smiles . . .

for tears . . .

for ups and downs . . .

Mommy says I was given a 50% chance that I would live when I was born . . .

And a 95% chance that if I did live I would have some major disabilities . . .

I'm not really sure I know what that means, I just know I'm loved!

Auntie says that's all I *need* to know. That I am loved. Perhaps someday I'll comprehend the miracle that is *me*!

I'm thankful for ALL of my family, friends and strangers who are now friends. I am thankful for every prayer that has been lifted up on my behalf!

I thank our Holy Father . . .

I'm thankful for my life, for it is beautiful . . .

Love and cute kisses, (yes I am now giving out kisses)
Jimmie Jim Jim


  1. So much to be thankful for in your home. Jimmie you are very lucky indeed to be so loved. You have a great family! We are all lucky to have you in our lives. I look forward to meeting you someday, but I will need to hold you so I will have to wait. Tell Grandpa Rod that he sure was a handsome devil back in the day!!!

    Many blessing to all of you!!


  2. So awesome, what a great post, he is so cute! (I know I say he's cute every time, but well, he just is!) Praying...

  3. Wow, Jimmie looks so much like Justin's baby pictures! It is amazing! Justin now looks so much like his daddy when he was younger!

    It was so fun reading about Jimmie's Thanksgiving.

    Thanks, Amber, for taking the time today to post it along with the pictures so that we can share in the event with you all. You are such a gifted writer. When I read your posts I feel as if I am there experiencing it with you all.

  4. Awesome post, Jimmie - you're quite the writer! Maybe you should let Auntie Amber take a break and do the blog yourself!! :)

    He's cute as ever (Sullivan says hi, too). So glad his first Thanksgiving was so great!!

    Take care,

  5. Precious! Blessings for Jimmie!!

  6. What wonderful pictures!! Wow, Uncle Rodney, look at your handsome picture! No wonder I wanted to marry you when I was little! =)

    The Lord has been so gracious. We're thankful for all of you!!

    Love you lots,

  7. I loved the pictures too Janelle! Congratulations on your new little one! What a big beautiful family you have.

  8. WOW! 107 followers! Jimmie, you are one famous little boy...