Monday, November 16, 2009

Talk Of Home And An Insurance Scare

It's been a few days since I last updated, sorry about that. Life is full right now.

Jimmie is doing good. He has a snotty nose still from that last virus he caught, but he is again handling sickness amazingly well. They scared us to death when they released him from the NICU telling us that most micro-preemies end up back in the hospital because of any little sickness hitting them really hard! We are thrilled at how he has responded to being sick.

Rachael and Justin will remain "crazy" protective for the next 2 years or so about his exposure, but so far . . . so good!

Jimmie is on his 3rd day of the new weaning program. For the last 3 days they have not supplemented what Jimmie has taken by mouth for 2 feeds in a row, except for a little bit of water in his tube. He has been hungry, but not hysterically. The report is he has continued to take his solids fairly well, but drinking still not much to speak of. Starting tomorrow they will do the 4 days off. They will supplement every feed in his tube. Then they will do the 3 days on again. Rachael is really not expecting this to keep Jimmie from the g-tube, but she's going to give it a chance for 3 cycles or so.

Since this weaning plan is more laid back Rachael and Justin are starting to talk about moving back home. They have a beautiful home they built in Odessa, MO. Odessa is about 45 minutes from the Kansas City area. There are a few things they need to get in order at home including a fence for their dog-Mack. They are hoping to be home before Christmas. There are some things that are being considered. If Jimmie does have a g-tube surgery they might need to hang closer in town for a few days. Also Rachael (and I) are in our dear friend's wedding in Vancouver, Canada Dec. 12th. Rachael cannot take Jimmie on a airplane. Because of his preemie lungs and because of cold and flu season. So she'll be making a really fast trip. Leaving Friday and coming back Sunday. During that time Justin will definitely want to be at his parents house so he has help being Mr. Mom. So there is a lot that could inform their decision of when to move back home. Pray for them that they can have peace and direction about when the time is right.

They are so grateful they have had Rod and Kathy's beautiful basement to stay in all of this time. It has allowed them to have access to doctor's offices and lot's of help from family and friends. But as you can imagine they miss home.

We had an insurance scare today. Rachael and Justin's insurance co. has been pretty good so far. They have rejected claims. Rach and Justin have been responsible for a $100 here and a $100 there . . . but today they told Rachael they were refusing to pay Dr. H! Some "freaking out" ensued until it was all sorted out a few hours later. It was a mistake. Whew . . . that would have been upwards of 1000 maybe 2000. Thank God that was not the case.

Thank you so much for continuing to lift Jimmie, Rachael and Justin up in your prayers. They do need them.



  1. How about some prayers? Here they come... U can do it, Jimmie! Love u!

  2. Is that your friend Amy who is getting married? The one we met from England some time ago? (I think that was her name.) If so, I wish her the very best. Congratulations to her and her fiance!

  3. Yes- Missy, it's Amy!! (-: I'll tell her.

  4. We are praying for successful weaning from the tube! By the way...all the good breastmilk is keeping Jimmie nice and healthy. Our preemie has handled colds well, too. I have had strep, but only a runny nose for little Mr. Henry. Rachael, you are doing an incredible job!!!

  5. oh that would be great if you guys were able to move back home soon! i am sure you miss it. ( i would too if i had that house, it's beautiful!!!)
    well, i hope things go well with the tube weaning, and even if it does end up being the g-tube for jimmie, at least you know you tried everything! love you!

  6. Hey, I live in the Vancouver, BC area... The 12th is my first day off of school! Pack for wet and snow!! I don't know if you've been here before but if you have questions feel free to ask.. If I can help I'm game!

  7. Thanks Nicole! We have both been to Vancouver a couple of times, but never at this time of year. Thanks for the weather tip. (-: Its a beautiful place...

  8. We're still praying for all of you!! Give that baby a kiss for us!

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle