Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home Again And Lots Of Puking

Rachael, Justin and Jimmie moved back home again over the weekend. They had been gone since August 17th! Over 3 months . . . They left August 17th when Jimmie was admitted to Children's Mercy for dehydration and severe reflux. After they were released from the hospital with the NG tube they moved into Justin's parent's (Rod and Kathy) house. At the time they were thinking that the feeding situation and all of Jimmie's doctor's appointments and therapy appointments were going to be a short term thing. They were overwhelmed and completely exhausted. Living in town helped all of us help them. Kathy did their laundry, Rod did at least 1 night time feeding for Jimmie, the church has been bringing meals, mom has helped 2 or 3 times a week and been able to do TKM therapy on Jimmie.

But now that this is obviously going to be a long term issue and a g-tube surgery seems to be upcoming they need to be able to live life so to speak. Rachael has expressed that she needs to be able to go home and learn to cope. In other words, nothing is going to change for the next couple of years so she and Justin want to learn to cope and live as their own little family with their son in their own home. Understandable, pray that they can do this and find peace, joy and strength in this journey.

Of course Rod and Kathy are sad to see them go. It's hard when they are used to seeing and taking care of Jimmie every day to only see him a few times a week. But we all know it's good and a needed next step for Rachael and Justin to be back in their home.

Please say a lot of extra prayers for Jimmie. His puking has slowly started escalating again over the last few weeks. Yesterday and today have been really bad with HUGE gushers after almost every feed. Rachael is very very VERY discouraged about this. Jimmie is still on Zantac, perhaps they need to "up" his dose . . .? Rachael will probably be calling the doctor about this... She mentioned she does not want to do a g-tube surgery only to later be told he also needs a fundo when normally you do those at the same time. We really DO NOT want Jimmie to have a fundo so just pray hard that his puking subsides.

Thank you so much for continuing to fight for our sweet Jimmie Jim Jim!


P.S. I updated McKenna's blog with the results of her evaluation at Children's Mercy today.


  1. Praying for all of them! God Bless.

  2. i hope that jimmie's puking will subside. and i am glad that justin and rachael are home. i am sure that's it's nice to be back.