Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My 1st Christmas- By Jimmie Gravitt

Wow- there is so much to tell you about my 1st Christmas! It has lasted for days! (-: I'm blessed to have a big family on both sides that can all get together so I've had 4 Christmas's so far with one more to go!

Guess what I did? I pulled up to standin all by my SELF! I'm awesome. It was exciting until I fell and bonked my head. That hurt a little, but mostly just scared me and made me mad. I am very determined to get this standin thing down. I just started crawling too! Yeah-- I'm amazing. (-:

Ma made us stockings. Mine is so cool because it has a...

TRACTOR on it! The snowman has a hat just like mine too.

My dad has a buddy at his fire station who was supposed to work Christmas Eve, but his wife and kids were going to be driving out of town without him and he'd have to catch up with them later on Christmas. My dad didn't have any major plans for Christmas Eve so he told his buddy he would switch with him. Wasn't that so nice of my dad? Well- a blizzard hit our area Christmas Eve and as my dad was trying to drive home from his shift Christmas morning his truck slid into a ditch out on our country roads. He was still about 2 miles from home. Mom couldn't really do much to help him because it would involve too much risk for little ole me. We have great neighbors. A nice neighbor guy drove down there and tried to help get the truck out. It wasn't comin so he drove my dad home and dad got his tractor out and they went back out with his most awesome tractor and towed the truck out of the ditch.

Good thing my mom had baked a plate of very tasty Christmas goodies for that very same neighbor a week ago.

So mom, dad and I opened Christmas gifts during the whole truck stuck fiasco. Santa Clause visited my house and brought me some pretty cool things. Mainly the tissue paper was my favorite.

I put it in my mouth. Mom dug it out, but what she didn't know- was I kept a piece hidden in there.

Later when I was playing in my new bouncer toy. I suddenly gagged violently and threw up. Mom was snapping pictures of me to document me in my new toy. There is actually a picture of me puking, but Auntie Amber wont let me post it because she says it looks too disturbing. I'm a little boy though and I think it's totally awesome looking. Auntie Amber said she would compromise and post the picture right after. If you look closely at the puddle of puke you might see the reason. A very small piece of red tissue paper. That gosh darn piece of paper wouldn't go down my throat when I finally decided to swallow it.

Ewwww . . . Awesomly gross if I do say so myself. Mom was really worked up about the fact I was chokin on tissue paper and she didn't even know it. tee hee . . . I do like to keep things interesting and exciting. After that I was hardly allowed to open my own gifts anymore cause I'm desperate to put that crinkly cool paper in my mouth!

Dad and mom then packed me up and braved the drive into town for the day. Yes, my dad had already gone in a ditch, but what do ya do when a horse bucks you off? You get right back on! That's right, people a little snow- well A LOT of snow was not going to keep us down. We are a pretty strong-willed determined little family if I do say so myself. Auntie always says it's a darn good thing I got my mom and dad's fighting spirit cause I sure did need it when I was born.

We triumphed on the drive in to town. No more ditches. We went to Auntie Amber's house and opened more gifts...

Everything, I mean absolutely everything I touch must also be tasted and gummed.

Isn't my mommy so purty? Do you see those pearls around her neck? My dad gave those to my mom for Christmas. She makes those purty pearls look good!

I make the most perfect little Christmas present don't I!?

I listened to Auntie Amber's crazy fish stories.

My cousin's Cole and Kenna got fish for Christmas and it's not going so well.

Their fish keep disappearing without a trace.

I let Pa hold me . . .

Sort of . . .

Daddy got confused about which end he is supposed to hold up. Wow I'm just as cute upside down as I am rightside up.

Pa helped me fly . . .

My very soon to be Aunt Rachel held me for the first time.

I took a nap- yes I did. It kept snowin . . . and snowin . . . and snowin . . .

Mommy had the crazy idea that McKenna, Cole and I pose together with our hats!

How's this mom!?

Or this? Why does Kenna want to get away from me? I don't know . . .

I'm makin my crazy eyes just for you mom!

Then I went to Grandpa and Grandma Gravitt's. Boy did I get a lot of loot there! Everybody was so generous. I got some money to go in a savings account for my future too.

Mom took a picture of me with all of my new stuff . . . When she put me in the middle of all my new toys I promptly went for the remote. She took that away and I was then totally interested in my wipe container. What?? Yeah I have all these cool new toys, but the remote and the wipe container I mean those things are timeless, two of the more fascinating play things in the history of the world. Plus it's just a universal baby rule that we choose normal household objects to play with over a roomful of scientifically engineered super duper just for us baby toys. Duh- people!

Mom got me to hold one of my new toys for the picture though.

Two of my coolest toys are not pictured there cause I got so much stuff that these two things wouldn't fit in the truck. So we left them at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

A wagon!

And a four wheeler!

Man- I'm big. I have my own vehicle now!

Okay so the SNOW. By golly it just would not stop snowing. It snowed for 4 days! Some places in KC got over a foot of snow! Mom and dad took me out in it to play, but I was bundled up so tight I couldn't move so that wasn't so much fun.

2 days after Christmas we went and celebrated at my Great Grandpa and Grandma EuDaly's house. (Pa's side of the family.)

I showed off my beautiful dimples- yes I did!

I have family and friends that gave generous financial gifts to me this Christmas. Mom says we are blessed. But a card she opened up in the mail blessed and touched her heart so much that she cried. Old friends and fellow Odessa residence... a big beautiful family, they just stunned my parents with their generosity.

This world is a wonderful and beautiful place. Life is beautiful! Don't let anyone tell you differently!

Most of all I am grateful to God and grateful for His son Jesus. For He is the reason life is indeed beautiful.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Jimmie Jim Jim

P.S. Mom says I need to tell you that I'm fighting through my 3rd illness of this cold and flu season. I'm doin ok, but I have so much snot it's really hard for me to sleep and even harder for mom to sleep. Prayers would be much appreciated!

P.S.S. Sheesh Auntie Amber- it took you long enough to get this published. I'll forgive you though and I'm sure everyone else will too. (-:


  1. That was priceless, Amber! I think one day you should publish this! Loved all the pics and Jimmie's stocking is awesome, Ma!

  2. Jimmie,
    You are such a good writer! You are so funny! I know boys think puking (and pooping and farts and blood and.....) is cool, but mommies and aunts - not so much.

    So glad you had a good Christmas!


  3. What a blessed first Christmas for Jimmie! Thanks to the Lord for His bountiful favor!

  4. Dear Jimmie,

    thanks for sharing your first Christmas with us - what a FUN TIME you had! Wow and your way of telling us about it is simply AMAZING - the writing and the pictures - it is to publish ;) Yes, you are AWESOME!!! The light from the above shines through you little man :)

    Blessings to you and family,


    p.s. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  5. What a great post with great pictures!! I'm glad Jimmie had a good Christmas! It's getting close to his birthday. It's amazing how time flies.

    We love you all lots!
    Adrian and Janelle

  6. Once again, you all made our night! Sweet, sweet, sweet. Thank you! We continue to pray...