Saturday, December 5, 2009

My First Christmas Tree- By Jimmie Gravitt

Hi all you cool people! I thought I'd tell you about my first ever trip to get my first ever Christmas tree. I'm including lots of pictures because I know ya'll love seeing little ole me.

My family on my mom's side has a tradition to go and cut down a real live Christmas tree every year. I was hanging at my Auntie Amber's house when mom bundled me all up and said it was time to go. I was excited!

My daddy drove his cool truck so he could haul all of our trees back.

When we got there they had this awesome John Deere tractor that they hooked up to a special trailer with seats for us to sit in. The tractor roared up and started pulling us out into the fields full of trees.

I was sitting in between my two cousins Cole and McKenna . . .

But all I really wanted was to watch that tractor!

My cousin Cole is great and all, but his head was big and in my way. It was blocking my view of the tractor!

So mommy let me stand up to see it better.

My dad has a tractor. He thinks they are real neat and so do I.

I was so into looking at that tractor . . .

I lost my balance and dove forward . . .

Don't worry, I have my mom trained well- she caught me and pulled me right up.

Dad showed me that tractor real close and that was the best part of the day right there . . .

See dad loves it too, he's just a big kid when it comes to tractors . . .

We walked around a lot looking for just the perfect tree.

Daddy kept trying to shield my face from the cold winds . . .

But I really want to see EVERYTHING that's happening.

Okay dad, you are nice and all, but . . .

I really just want to see.

We finally found our tree.

It's huge! We are a cute little family if I do say so myself.

Daddy took a hand saw and just cut that tree right down.

He is dad- hear him roooooar!

This is the whole crazy bunch of us. Auntie says I should introduce everyone- it's polite.

Auntie Amber is on the left holding McKenna, then Uncle David holding Cole, then Uncle's Evan and Nate, then that scary lookin guy is Pa, then Ma, and last but certainly not least me and dad.

Mommy was taking the picture . . so you can't see her.

Here she is. Isn't she the prettiest mommy? I think so . . .

On the way back to the big ole barn with the hot stove and all the hot chocolate . . I sat with dad and decided to blow raspberries for the camera . .

ttthhhbbbt . . .

Yeah, I think I just tickled myself . .

I hope you all enjoyed this little ole blog by meeeeeee!

Oh wait . . . mom says to tell you that my puking is still much better. Yeah- I know, thank God because I sure hate pukin. It scares me and it hurts. She stopped given me that nasty Zantac cause she was thinkin maybe that was suppressing my digestion a bit. I need acid in my tummy to digest my food ya know. She also stopped eating oatmeal- cause that was something new she ate when things got real bad. So between that and all of your prayers somethin is workin.

Don't stop prayin, k?

I'll tell mom to post a picture of our Christmas tree once it's all up and decorated. I'm excited to see it myself!

Jimmie Jim Jim


  1. So cute! Merry Christmas to Jimmie and his amazing family! Praying!

  2. This is adorable and so entertaining! Love it! Still praying for Jimmie!

  3. Ohhhh!!!!! Jimmie Jim Jim great job on this post, I loved every bit of it!!! Especially the pics of you and your family - all happy out there on the tree farm! BTW - where is that place? We need to get a Christmas tree too ;)


    misha and family

  4. Its in Louisburg Kansas at 69 hiway and 247 street I think it is called D and B christmas tree farm. weekdays it is open 1 to 5 and I think 9 to 5 on the weekends.
    Ma EuDaly

  5. What fun! Very cute pics of all the kiddos!!! :)

  6. What great pictures! Looks like a lot of fun. We're praying for the puking issues to go away and stay away! Poor little guy. =(

    We love you all lots!!
    Adrian and Janelle