Thursday, December 3, 2009

Puking A Bit Better

Your prayers are working! Keep them coming. Jimmie has had two significantly better days. He only puked once yesterday and as far as I know, only once today as well.

Jimmie had an appointment with that awesome OT from St. Lukes today. She continues to be encouraging about how Jimmie is doing, but also very confident in her assessment that it will be a couple years before Jimmie can take in enough without the help of a tube.

Jimmie is now pushing up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth! It's just a matter of time before he starts crawling and I'm telling you Rachael and Justin are "in for it". That kid is so full of spunk and energy.

I was on the phone with Rach earlier this evening and Jimmie was playing with his toy caterpillar and something about it was frustrating him and the tantrum he was throwing was hilarious. Well, to me it was . . . He was screaming and yelling at it. I could hardly hear Rachael and she wasn't even in the same room with him. We ended up hanging up so she could go tend to him. She says he does that all the time. He gets really mad at his toys when he can't manipulate them or get them to do whatever it is his little baby brain wants them to do. She says he'll just work himself into the biggest fit and the only thing she can do to fix it is just take the offending toy away and out of his sight. LOL! That boy sure can scream.

Rachael is working so hard to prepare everything for her quick trip to Canada next week. She has the exact number of hours she'll be gone along with how many feedings that is and how many ounces of fresh recent breast milk she needs to have pumped all running through her head. She was up most of the other night worrying about getting enough milk. She figured up she needed about 84 ounces. She's been pumping extra for a few weeks now for this very reason. She took inventory today and was thrilled to find she already has 90 ounces!! WOW go Rachael go!

Please keep praying that Jimmie does not have a lot of puking. We are cautiously encouraged about the last 2 days.

Go Jimmie go!



  1. Rachael is a great mama! Her pumping output is! We continue to pray for all...toddler Jack loves to say Big Jim Amen! Preemie baby Henry screams loudly, which we know means "Amen" (in context)!

  2. Awww so cute Tracy! "Big Jim Amen" . . . how precious that your children are praying for him.

  3. woohoo! Our God is an awesome God!!!! Hallelujah!