Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I leave for Vancouver in the morning. Rachael leaves Friday. Pray for safe travels for us and that God would be with our babies and husbands at home.

Justin is going to be staying with his parents so Jimmie will be well taken care of. He'll be triple teamed. (-: Rachael will be home Sunday and I will be home Monday. I won't be able to post an update until Tuesday. I have, however already written Jimmie's 10 month birthday post and scheduled it to post Friday morning! I've never done that before so hopefully it works. Obviously his stats and pictures will be a few days early instead of the actual day of like we always do. It's better than nothing though! (-;

We are nervous about leaving our babies, but so super excited for Amy! It is so special for us to get to go and be in her wedding. We are so blessed and grateful!

Thank you for your prayers.


P.S. Jimmie had no gushers for the last 2 days, but then had 2 today. Keep praying about that!

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  1. You both have a great time!! We'll be praying for safe travels, and we'll continue to pray for Jimmie!!

    Adrian and Janelle