Saturday, December 19, 2009

What Has Rachael Been Up To?

She's been a good little mommy, wife and neighbor and been baking Christmas goodies! She and Jimmie delivered these yummy little gifts to 4 of their neighbors out in Odessa. Everyone was thrilled and happy to see Jimmie looking so well. These neighbors have been looking out for Rachael and Justin's property throughout the year. There has only been a few short months they have actually been able to live there in 2009.

I'd wager a guess that Rachael and Jimmie enjoyed none of those goodies themselves though, apart from the fun of baking them. They are still adhering to a very strict diet.

Justin's fire station buddies threw him a surprise birthday party Thursday evening at Jack Stack Barbecue! Rachael and Justin had a great time. They left little Jimmie with my mom, so I walked down to her house (I live one block up on the same street) with my kiddos and we got to hang with Jimmie for an hour or so.

That child is NON STOP, holy cow! Right after Rach left mom handed him to me and he kept gagging himself on his hands. He had just finished eating so he was still in the danger zone for puking. One time I didn't get his fist out of his mouth fast enough and he puked a big puddle on the floor. Then my kids started walking in it so while I was clutching Jimmie under one arm I was trying to grab a towel. Jimmie then grabbed his NG tube and almost yanked it out. Mom started shoving it back in all the while he was gagging and spewing again. Mom took him from me sat down in a chair, I piled toys on his lap and she basically had to sit and hold his arms down at his sides for a while until he had digested what was left in his little tummy.

We are fairly certain he is working on cutting his first tooth. He has a white bump showing through his gum. He is desperate to have his hands in his mouth ALL the time. His nuckles, cheeks and chin are chapped and red from all the gnawing and slobbering. He is fairly unphased though. He moves constantly! I have never seen such a energetic busy kid in my life. He is WILD!

Jimmie can now go from laying on his back to sitting upright all by himself! Rachael caught him doing that on video. I'll post it as soon as I can get my hands on it. (-:

As long as he's not gagging himself on his fist he is still doing well as far as the puking goes, praise God!

Thank you for your prayers!



  1. I am so glad that they are able to be home. I'll bet that Rod and Kathy find their house too quiet, though. I really hope to be able to see that little smoochy face sometime during the holidays. I promise not to give him any weird germs!!!

  2. Jimmie was in the church nursery with Acacia and I while you were in Canada, and I agree! He is such a busy boy!! I don't think any part of his body was still for a single moment during the entire church service. =) It was fun to watch him.

    During the Christmas program at church on Sunday night, I couldn't help thinking, "In 2 years, Jimmie will be up there!!" That'll be so much fun!!

    Yay for less puking!!

    Lots of love,