Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lots Of Stuff

We are home from Vancouver safe and sound. Rachael arrived Sunday evening, I Monday evening. Dad went and traveled with Rachael and Mom traveled with me. We had a wonderful whirlwind of a time!

Our children and husbands did fine!

Little Jimmie had Grandpa and Grandma Gravitt and his Daddy doting on him. Justin said he couldn't tell that Jimmie missed Rachael, but Kathy said she could tell he missed her! (-: He did very well, didn't hardly puke at all. His puking has continued to be much better this past week so continue praying. It's very encouraging.

The first thing Rachael said about her reunion with Jimmie to me was how incredibly thankful she was to have such awesome in laws! She was very blessed and impressed by their care for Jimmie while she was away. When she arrived at their house all of Jimmie's stuff was clean and packed up perfectly, every bottle washed, his clothing clean. They were able to get back to Odessa that evening before bedtime. Rod and Kathy are AWESOME!

Rachael said Jimmie was obviously very excited and relieved to see her.

Justin was onery while she was gone. She left her email open (signed in) and a bunch of family and friends got this email:

The subject said, "changing my name" . . .

"Everyone please know that I am changing my name to Shaniqua yes thats right. Please when you see me call me by that name, I have wanted to change my name for a very long time and feel now is the time. This sudden change might come as a shock but it is true.
Brought to you by Shaniqua's loving husband who is tired of her leaving her email open."



Yesterday was Justin's birthday! Happy happy birthday Justin!!!

Today has been very exciting for him. Justin fixes cars as a second job and today they have been putting up a building on their land for Justin's shop where he can work on cars. Rachael has been bringing hot chocolate and coffee to the crew all day because it is FREEEEEZING here right now!

This afternoon they met with the surgeon who will perform Jimmie's g-tube surgery. Rachael said he didn't say much, just explained the procedure and answered Rachael's questions. Rachael is still having a hard time with this whole scenario, but is hopeful that it will make Jimmie more comfortable. The scheduler should be calling her in the next few days to pick a date for the surgery. It will most likely be in January.

The procedure itself is fairly minor. A scope will go in through his belly button with a light on the end. They will shine the light in his stomach outward and be able to see it shining through his skin. That is how they will decide where to cut the hole in his abdomen. A little button will be installed where the tubing plugs in for his feeds. He will probably be intubated and he will be under general anesthesia.

The most common side effects are problems with the anesthesia and granulation scare tissue forming around the button with bleeding and perhaps a painful leaking of stomach acid.

He will be in the hospital 48 hours. Probably only the first day or so for recovery and the rest of the time spent training Rachael and Justin how to use the g-tube.

Although we are glad to be assured this is a fairly minor procedure, we do not take ANY procedure with anesthesia and cutting lightly. It's safe to say Rachael is dreading the whole thing. Please keep us and especially Jimmie in your prayers!

I'll let you know as soon as we have a surgery date.



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!!!! That e-mail is hilarious! Justin has the funniest sense of humor, and how he can always keep his face so straight while he says the funniest things just makes it that much funnier. Yay for a new shop! WOO HOO!!

    I'm glad the travels went well and that you're all home safely.

    We'll keep praying for Jimmie's puking, and his upcoming surgery, and for peace for everybody.

    Love you all!!

  2. I have a friend whose little boy had the same type of surgery done. They call it his Mickey Button..he has done great with it. It is not something that we would chose for our children but it is what they need for now. This too shall pass. My grandkids just went to Children's Mercy to have their tonsils out last week. They are 2 & 4, if that is where you are going you will be very impressed. It is much harder on Mom & Dad then the kiddos! Good luck just keep doing what you are doing.

    Yea!! for Grandpa & Grandma Gravitt!!

    Kathy Barnes