Monday, January 4, 2010

A Little Mover

Jimmie is now crawling all over the place and PULLING UP to standing. He is just amazing! Rachael is excited, but also nervous. He is just too small and doesn't really understand consequences yet. He is falling A LOT, so pray that he stays safe. Rachael is working on baby proofing the house now. She did not imagine when she had Jimmie in the 24th week that she would need to baby proof before he turned 1 year old (actual birthday). Some 24 weekers are behind physically and developmentally enough that they are not pulling up yet even on their developmental 1 year birthday. It really depends on if the 24 weeker is affected with CP (cerebral palsy) or vision problems or just developmental delays . . .

I remember the NICU coming down to talk with Rachael and Justin the day she was in labor. They told her all of the statistics on 24 weekers, prognosis and quality of life. The possibility of CP among other things- was very high. I remember going in the room after the NICU left. Rachael looked miserable, but Justin looked white and completely sick! He was truly devastated after that talk. Rachael had done a small bit of research a few days before when she hit the 24 week mark, so she was not surprised by what the NICU said. Justin, however was terrified and perhaps a bit shocked. There had just been so much talk about the magic 24 week mark I don't think he had questioned deeply what that reality would be. I mean until the 24 week mark we were just hoping for a live baby, one that the NICU could attempt to save.

So praise the Lord- here we are, Jimmie is not quite 11 months old (actual birthday) and a little over 7 months old (developmental birthday) and he is crawling, pulling up and even standing with no hands. Rachael says he'll let go with one hand all of the time and sometimes both hands.


We are blessed, extremely so.

Jimmie is still fighting to get over his cold. The last few nights he has started sleeping through the night again and does seem to feel better, but he still has lots of snot and sometimes a coughing fit.

I didn't do a Jimmie's first New Year post. Jimmie's mad at me for that so I'll let him finish this post up.

Hi guys,

My first New Year involved lots of snot, lots of coughing, some scary choking on snot, not much sleep and lots of being at home. Mom has me trapped here. A bunch of family members and friends came down with a wicked stomach bug over the past week and mom is crazy strict about these germs so yeah, I think I've left the house ONCE in the last 9 days. UGH. I'm a prisoner in my own home. So I've made things interesting by getting really good at this crawling and pulling up thing. I'm doing lots of exploring and a little bit of falling over and bonking my head. Mom may have to get me a helmet so I can wear it when I'm exploring. (-:

Anyway yeah it's 2010!! I'm gonna learn to walk this year, so watch out world!!

Jimmie Jim Jim


  1. Oh my, Jimmie Jimmie Jim Jim! I wonder if they make helmets that small? I am amazed at your ability to move and so quickly. I love you and it seems like forever since I have seen you. Hmm when did I come over there last? I guess it was almost a week ago. Don't forget me!!! Love you, Ma

  2. Poor Jimmie! I'm glad he's safe at home from all these germs. We've got the stomach bug. Trying to keep the ones who have been throwing up and such away from the baby is hard--especially when all they want to do is snuggle with Mama all day. I'm glad that Jimmie's been able to avoid this bug so far!!

    Yay on crawling and standing up!! How exciting!

    We love you all!!
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. Go, Jimmie, go! You have come so far, and are so cute and lively!

    Denise & Shannon F.

  4. Oh Jimmie you've grown so much since we last checked. We haven't checked for months and my kids mentioned you this morning, so I wanted to see how you were doing. We're so thrilled you look so well despite your feeding challenges. We'll pray your surgery for the tube goes very well and this year will bring much less puking! (Actually my son, born only 2 weeks before due, puked until he turned 1) Rachel and Amber, we wish you the best!

    Sheila, Lily Salmond and family (Lily ballet 1 class- fall 08-summer 09)