Friday, January 8, 2010

See Jimmie In Action

So I have a special treat tonight- Jimmie in action! Rachael brought some video clips of Jimmie over to me today and I got to see Jimmie for the first time in 2 weeks. He is so sweet and full of smiles and curiosity.

In this video Rachael put their couch cushions on the rug so Jimmie would have something to climb on and pull up to that was soft.

Jimmie's strength and physical abilities are just astounding to the many professionals involved in Jimmie's therapy, development and follow-up care.

Go Jimmie go! You rock little man!

On a funny note that might be a little TMI- Rachael with the help of her handy dandy most awesome "hands free pumping bra" has mastered the art of pumping and driving at the same time! Don't worry- it's safe, she hooks everything up before she starts driving. AND- don't worry, she is also covered up. You have no idea how happy this has made her though! Living in Odessa she has to drive longer distances and she always has to stay on her pumping schedule. Being able to do both at once is an incredible blessing in time and logistics. If she is ever pulled over for some reason though can you imagine the awkwardness!? 0-:

We also got great news today... Rachael did not brave the 16 inches of snow and 5 degree temps just to bring me the video clips. Jimmie had an eye exam at Children's Mercy this morning. It was his first Pediatric eye exam. They dilated his eyes and just gave him a normal exam. The report was that his eyes look wonderful, he has no need for glasses an they do not want to see him again until he is 3 years old! We do NOT take this for granted and we are so very thankful for this news and all of the good reports we have ever received about his eyes. The doctor at Children's was just in amazement. She shook her head and said, "he has no effects from his prematurity." So awesome! (-:

As the date for Jimmie's g-tube surgery looms nearer Rachael is struggling a little with "cold feet" about it. Please just cover that whole decision in your prayers! She goes back and forth with the pros and cons A LOT.

Thank you all so much for your care and prayers for our sweet Jimmie. Jimmie's 11th month birthday is on Monday. 11 months on the 11th! (-: Can you believe he is almost a year old?? WOW!



  1. Go Jimmie! That's great about his eyes. How wonderful! The Lord is so amazing! We'll keep praying about the surgery and for your wisdom!

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. Great video, Jimmie Jim Jim!
    I love you,

  3. AWESOME news about his eyes!!!

    I missed it... when is the g-tube surgery??

    Take care,

  4. Jan 20th. They said we will be there for 2 days. Ughh I don't like hospitals. I am really hoping this will make Jimmie more comfortable and he can move forward with his drinking.

  5. Terry and I got such a kick out of watching that video! What a strong, healthy, crazy guy!!!

    Jimmie continues to just amaze everyone with his progress!

    Praise GOD!!!!

  6. How "funny" Lorne is having his surgery January 21 at CMH to get his G-tube site *closed*. We'll be there at the same time though we are really hoping Lorne is not admitted (it is scheduled as outpatient so we should go home after unless Lorne has problems with anesthesia/being vented/anything unforeseen...). Will be praying for an uneventful surgery and hospital stay - I hope this is just what he needs!!!! (and think about what his already adorable little face will look like without the tube - my goodness, the adorability factor may be close to unbearable without the distraction of the NG tube! :))

  7. Awesome family! Awesome God!!!!!!!