Saturday, January 23, 2010

Antibitiocs Started

Jimmie's doing well. Yesterday the site of his g-tube became noticeably red. So Rachael pursued the antibiotic question further. She was able to get a hold of Jimmie's surgeon through a nurse. He verified that yes indeed he did feel Jimmie should have been put on a round of antibiotics. So he ordered a prescription in and Rachael gave Jimmie his first dose last night. As of this morning Rachael thought maybe it looked a little less red. Please pray that he heals and that there would be no infection. Why the antibiotic thing did not get communicated and done while Jimmie was in recovery at the hospital-?? We don't know. Rachael did ask about it quite a few times. Actually they never saw a doctor after his surgery. The whole time they were there (post surgery) no Doctor or NP ever came in to look at Jimmie. Jimmie's surgeon also told Rachael through a nurse last night on the phone that Jimmie should be looked at in a couple of weeks. Nobody told her that either. As you might imagine Rachael and Justin are a little frustrated because of the lack of communication surrounding this whole thing.

Almost every bit of important information surrounding Jimmie's g-tube has had to be actively pursued by Rachael and Justin. We are a little dumbfounded about this. When Jimmie was there for his Endoscopy and P.H. Study this was not the case. They saw many Doctors and NP's and everything was managed thoroughly.

Oh- well, just keep praying for Rachael and Justin as Jimmie's advocates. They are doing a phenomenal job!

Jimmie slept all night long in his own bed last night! Rachael was encouraged about that. She has also been encouraged by the lack of puking. Jimmie has coughed an gagged a few times, in a way that almost *always* led to a gusher, but- surprise- no puke. Rachael thinks perhaps it's because the NG is no longer running down the back of his throat exacerbating the gagging...

Rachael and Jimmie got to have a smoothie with some fruit yesterday for the first time in months. Rachael has been on this massive diet for Jimmie's food allergies and for a build up of yeast (candida) in her blood. Consequently she has lost a crazy amount of weight. I don't know the exact amount, but I think at least 20 pounds. She emailed her Naturopath who is managing this part of her and Jimmie's health care to let her know the extent of her weight loss and the Naturopath is fairly horrified. She is starting Rachael on protein smoothies with olive oil and fruit. The duration of the diet is supposed to be over in a couple of weeks anyway. She will help Rachael slowly start adding foods back in and hopefully get Rachael back up to an acceptable weight. Jimmie's weight gain has remained steady so that's great. Now we just need to see his momma put "on" some pounds too. (-:

Rachael and Jimmie *really* enjoyed that smoothie! Jimmie ate it by mouth with his momma.

As always- thank you for your prayers!


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  1. Just catching up on Jimmie's blog. Glad the surgery went well and he's home and doing well. Awesome about the gagging (well, you know what I mean... that it was "just" gagging and not puking) - hopefully this g-tube is just what he needs to get over the hump and get eating!

    Take care, praying for your family always.