Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Follow Up

This morning brought Jimmie waking up with his g-tube site crusty and Rachael very frustrated that she didn't know how to clean it, if she should turn it, if there were stitches needing to come out etc... So she called the surgeon's office again and the nurse and Jimmie's surgeon agreed with Rachael and were fairly frustrated that nobody had gone over all of this with Rachael during Jimmie's post-op care at the hospital. Sure enough there were a couple of stitches in that were due to come out. Surgeon S. worked Jimmie in this afternoon which was awesome.

The visit went well. Jimmie's g-tube site looks great. Rachael was finally taught how to clean it, turn it and what to do if it came out. She was given extra supplies and all of her questions were answered! Yeeeah! (-:

Hopefully now Rachael and Justin can confidently move forward from here . . .

We are thankful for your prayers and support!



  1. So glad that he (and Mommy and Daddy) are doing better! He is such a cutie! I really enjoyed hearing him holler at the wedding!!! LOL!! I also loved hearing Mister Cole, too. McKenna was as quiet as a little mouse!

  2. Rachael.. I'm so sorry they didn't teach you how to take care of Jimmy's site.. that can be frightening. I'm so glad that the surgeon agreed and showed you what to do... Over time flushing, administering care does get easier and being a person that pays attention to details you will do great.. Interestingly enough, when to mickey does come out because the balloon has deflated, you'll eventually not panic and just deal with it.. but for now.. panic is fine.. it's a learning curve.. things are scary... Praying for all of you!