Monday, February 1, 2010


I've had lots of work with pressing deadlines related to the dance studio, Rachael too- we are busy busy busy. Jimmie is doing great! He is teething, his appetite for solids is "up and down" right now and he has had days where he's irritable and not sleeping well.

There is still one inflamed looking red spot at the sight of his g-tube. Pray for that spot to heal.

Jimmie hung out with Ma and Pa yesterday morning while Rachael and Justin were at church. I took my kiddos and we went down to visit. Mom had created a huge play pin in the living room by moving the furniture in a way the completely boxed Jimmie in! He is so busy and he crawls SO FAST. I mean seriously fast. He was obsessed with an RCA chord that was plugged into the tv. We tried "noooo Jimmie", we tried distraction and finally Pa unplugged the chord and hid it. Jimmie was determined. He is one determined little boy. He gets this hilarious look on his face where he purses his lips and knits his eyebrows and then just goes for what he wants. He was intimidating my 2 1/2 year old daughter when she had a toy he was interested in. 0-: He wasn't mean about it just . . . well- "determined!!!" He is pretty amazing. He's like 14 pounds and a serious presence in the room. He will be walking VERY SOON. That is going to look hilarious. I'm sure most of us have not seen such a tiny child walking around.

At one point Jimmie crawled over to me and pushed himself up to standing on one hand let go and just stood there. We all cheered and he looked so pleased with himself. I sat back and held out my hands and tried to coax him into taking a step, but he just leaned forward grabbing at me and fell into my arms. Then I hugged and kissed him, pulled back and looked and he was smiling so big. I asked him if I could have kisses and he leaned right in and gave me a big slobbery kiss on the cheek. Awwwwww he really is the sweetest little thing.

We have had a lot of questions recently about exactly what and how Jimmie is eating so we are planning a post all about that. Coming soon . . . (-:



  1. Maybe he will start walking in just 11 days - on his Bday :) Glad to hear that he is doing GREAT!
    Any new pics of one amazing determined little guy????????????



  2. Jimmie is so precious!
    We continue to pray that he gets stronger everyday!! <3