Thursday, February 18, 2010

My 1st Birthday- By Jimmie Gravitt

Hi everybody,

Guess what?? I'm 1 year old! I guess this is a big deal cause boy did we party. Auntie says it is a big deal always, but especially for me because of how far I've come in my first year of life.

At this party of mine there were lots of gifts for me to open.

I was so big . . . I started unwrapping the gifts all by myself.

Mommy only helped me just a little bit.

Just like at Christmas, I was still super excited about the wrapping and the tissue paper.

But I did let the toys distract me from the really cool stuff a little bit.

My Grandpa and Grandma Gravitt got me the classic Little Tykes coup car. I guess my Grandma gave Grandpa the hardest time forever because he never got my daddy one of these.

HA- so Grandpa knew what he must get me. I was nice and I let my cousin Cole ride in it.

I got some super cool shoes from Great Aunt Karen and Uncle Kevin.

I stared down my new stuffed puppy, let him know who's boss.

I used my cousin for balance as I stood up all by myself. He owed me- I let him ride in my car.

My Grandpa helped me fly over all my new toys.

My Pa and Ma got me a real live blue ukulele!

I was very curious about how it worked.

Pa showed me . . .

Pa sure is good at it.

My Auntie Amber acted crazy as usual. She just goes bonkers when she sees little ole me.

Somethin about how cute I am . . .

And how kissable I am . . .

And I guess that causes her to make funny faces, crazy noises, squeeze and kiss me like she does.

I got a lion walker! This lion will need me to take him for a walk every single day. I think I can try to fit that in to my schedule.

This 4 wheeler I got for Christmas. Look at me standin all by myself. I'm gonna be walkin on my own 2 feet soon.

So I guess for birthdays there is cake and singing! My ice cream cake had a Monster Truck on it!!

Everyone insisted I pose with the cake.

I was very bored by this.

I thought I'd liven things up . . .

. . . so I made a grab for that yummy lookin cake.

All this fluffy blue stuff came off on my hands.

It felt cool . .

It smelled sweet . .

And boy did it taste yummy!!!

All in all it was an awesome party. Mommy was thrilled that I got to have a birthday party just like any other 1 year old. I did everything just like anybody else. I even tore apart and ate my own little chocolate cake.

This meant so much to my mommy who could not have dreamed this 1 year ago when I was born so dangerously early.

I got so messy daddy and Grandma had to strip me down to my skivvies to clean me up.

See that little plastic thing on my belly? That's my g-tube button. I'm fixin to eat and drink well enough soon so I won't even need that anymore.

You wanna know somethin really crazy. My mommy says I'm not actually 1 year old until May 28th! WHAT?? Yeah- I guess that was when I was supposed to come out of mommy's tummy.

Does this mean I get 2 birthday parties mom???

Cause that would be cool! (-:

Over and out,
Jimmie Jim Jim


  1. great post, Jimmie! it really was a fun party!!!
    Love you so much,

  2. Looks like a great time. We're all celebrating you, Jimmie!!! =)

    Love you lots,
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. That picture of Jimmie from behind holding on to his 4 wheeler cracks me up! He looks just like a little ol' man farmer with his overalls and bandy legs!

  4. I can't believe it's been a whole year since I stumbled on this blog. In my quiet moments this past year I've thought of Jimmie and kept up with his struggles. I feel such joy for your family!

  5. Jimmie I love your over-alls. You already look like a pro next to your 4-wheeler! May God Bless many more Birthday's to come!