Sunday, February 7, 2010

Around This Time Last Year

The day Rachael turned 24 weeks, we celebrated that Jimmie was still safe in momma's womb.

Rachael spent a month in that bed. She did not even sit up to eat.

Mom would spend very 3rd night with Rachael when Justin was on his 24 hour shift at the fire station.

Rachael only got up to go to the bathroom.

They watched a lot of the "Dog Whisperer" . . . (-:

So many people sent words of prayer, love and encouragement.

The memories from this time last year especially as we approach Jimmie's birth are pretty heavy. It's hard because our feelings are so mixed. How can the birth of your child be both the worst and the best day of your life? Please pray for Rachael. I'm sure it's affecting her.

We cannot believe Jimmie is almost a year old. In 4 days... Rachael has planned a small party for him on Sunday. It's going to be a very special celebration for our little miracle Jimmie Jim Jim.



  1. Obviously the NICU was insane - but I always say that probably the very hardest thing about the boys being born so early is that the day they were born is not the best day of my life like it's supposed to be.

    How is the feeding tube going??

    Also - I set my blog to private for various reasons - send me your e-mail karamense(at)yahoo(dot)com if you want to continue to read it!


  2. I've just recently found your may not remember me. I'm so glad to see that Jimmie is doing so well. What a miracle he is!! I'm sure his birthday will be a celebration of how far he's come, how strong he is, and how joyful he's made you're life. Congratulations on the upcoming birthday!!!

    Jana mother of 23wk Emma and Abby

  3. Hey Kara,

    I'll send you an email, I would love to keep reading.

    Great to hear from you. Did you use to follow Jimmie? How have we known you? I took a look at your blog and your girls are beautiful.

  4. I just looked back at your blog Jana and found that you were at OPRH NICU with the girls when Jimmie was there . . . I'm sure Rachael knows who you are! (-: