Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unhappy Boy

It's been hard today to see and hear about our normally happy energetic boy, obviously in pain and very upset about this.

Rachael texted me these pictures...

Rachael says Jimmie is obviously uncomfortable. He is on pain medicine as often as Rachael feels he needs it. Shortly after the surgery, while Jimmie was in recovery, a nurse pulled some tape off of Jimmie and removed an I.V. Jimmie became VERY upset and his oxygen sats dropped to 88 and 89. They kept the oxygen right next to him, and delayed taking him out of recovery to Rachael. They never ended up having to supplement his oxygen, but it was upsetting to hear about how hysterical he was. Grandpa and Grandma (Rod and Kathy) and Ma and Pa (Jay and Andrea) were all at the hospital this morning with Rachael and Justin. Both Grandpa and Pa tried everything that normally makes Jimmie smile and he refused. Pa said it was pretty sad.

Rachael fought a battle this evening. They (doctor) wanted Jimmie's first two feeds to be pedialyte. Rachael has been on this massive diet for Jimmie's food allergies that includes NO sugar AT ALL. The 2nd ingredient in Pedialyte is sugar . . . Rachael insisted that they just give him her breast milk. She knows he tolerates that. It took almost an hour of back and forth, logistics, but Rachael won, as usual! (-: So far Jimmie has tolerated his first two feeds. The amount is greatly reduced right now. They are working him up slowly.

Before the surgery Jimmie was satting 98, 99 . . . earlier this afternoon he was a bit lower than that at 95, 96 . . . The medical staff feels that is to be expected.

Keep praying that Jimmie heals quickly, that his pain would lessen and that he'll continue to tolerate his feeds. Also keep praying for Justin and Rachael as his advocates. Rachael is a pro at this, but could still use your prayers for wisdom, strength and peace.

Thank you for being Jimmie's warriors!



  1. We're still praying!

    Love to all,
    The Tandys

  2. thought of jimmy today while in class, glad he's doing well post-surgery.

  3. Poor baby boy! It's so awful to see our children uncomfortable. I will pray that he continues to tolerate his feeds. Rachael- good for you to stick to your guns. You are such an awesome mom! I will be praying for you and Justin! And Jimmie too of course! I love you!!

  4. Way to go, Rachael!! You and Jimmie are in my prayers.

    - Mary

  5. Our prayers are with you all tonight. ALWAYS know what is best for Jimmie!!!

  6. Hopefully he's back to himself soon. Go Rachel for standing up on the breastmilk situation!!

    Yes, it is somewhat ironic that Lorne is getting his tube site closed today the day after Jimmie gets his in. The day he got it out in October we also had a friend's child get a g-tube that day.

    Hang in there. Hopefully this is just what he needs!!


  7. Poor baby! We're still praying for you all!!

    Love, Adrian and Janelle