Tuesday, January 19, 2010

G-Tube Surgery Tomorrow

I don't have any pictures of Jimmie at the wedding in my possession yet, but as soon as I do I'll post them. He was as cute as a button! (-:

We are NOT looking forward to tomorrow in the sense that Jimmie will have his first official surgery. We are however grateful for how the g-tube is going to improve Jimmie's quality of life. He is a very happy healthy boy except for his inability to take in enough liquids. The NG tube is not comfortable and it usually has to come out and go back in once a week or so and that is always very painful and traumatic for Jimmie and everybody involved.

Jimmie had his pre-op appointment on Friday. He was running a low-grade fever, but has no other symptoms. Rachael can feel that he is working on cutting his first tooth. The anesthesiologist asked Rachael to give him a run down of all of the surgeries Jimmie's had, being a 24 weeker and all . . . When Rachael said, "None, he has not had any." He could hardly believe it. He questioned her, "Jimmie didn't have a PDA? Nope. ROP? Nope. NEC? No. No PVL or brainbleeds? No. A hernia surgery? No... Rachael said he was incredulous. He shook his head and said, "I have been doing this for 25 years and I have never heard of this in my entire time working here."

That makes us smile, A LOT. We never never take Jimmie's life and the miracles surrounding his journey for granted.

This surgery should be minor. It's expected to last about 30 minutes. They are suppose to check in at 8:30am.

Please keep our precious Jimmie in your prayers tomorrow. I will try and update as soon as I hear he is in recovery. Unfortunately I won't be able to be there or visit as me and my kids have the stomach flu.

Lord please bless this decision for Jimmie. Be with all of the doctors and nurses who are taking care of him tomorrow. Help everything to go smoothly and for Jimmie to recover quickly. Be with Rachael and Justin fill their hearts with peace.

Thank you for continuing to fight for our Jimmie Jim Jim.


P.S. They will be spending a couple of nights in the hospital. Both for Jimmie to recover and for g-tube training.


  1. Prayers are coming your way Jimmie, Rachel and Justin. May everything go smooth and well tomorrow...Your precious little man is such a miracle, he really is! I too SMILE BIG when I read about how all the doctors who meet Jimmie are literally speechless and in shock! Jimmie's life-journey is simply amazing. Prayers and blessings for tomorrow...



    p.s. Amber - praying for your family too, hope you all feel better soon...

  2. Am praying with all my Canadian/Mexican heart!!!! Lots of love, moi

  3. We're praying for all of you, for peace and wisdom going in to this, and for Jimmie through the surgery!

    We love you all lots and lots!!
    Adrian and Janelle

  4. Prayers being said for Jimmie's (what is sure to be totally uneventful and easy) surgery tomorrow.

    Take care,

  5. It is so wonderful to hear the doctor amazed at how well Jimmie is doing! It is good to be reminded of the miracles God has done! We are praying that he recovers smoothly from the surgery!