Monday, December 6, 2010

Jimmie And Jon Miguel

Update on Jimmie and Jon Miguel:

Jimmie- It's been a very rough 5 days. His high fever went away, but he has not been eating or sleeping well. Saturday he ate next to nothing. Yesterday was a bit better. This morning Justin and Rachael are weighing the pros and cons of taking him to the Pediatrician.

The sleeping situation has been rough for almost 2 months. He seems to have developed a bit of separation anxiety and even though his crib is in Rachael and Justin's room a few feet from their bed, he wakes up screaming and refuses to calm and go back to sleep. Of course being sick has made this even worse. Rachael and Justin are stressed and exhausted! Prayers are needed!

Jon Miguel- Little Miguelito has made major improvements. He is breathing with no support, his lungs are clear, he spent a day under a bili-light, but his levels are already normalizing. He is also breast feeding well! So now he just has to finish his i.v. antibiotics and he'll be free to go home. I think that will be Wednesday or Thursday. Amy and Jorge are doing as good as they could possibly do crammed into a tiny room with no private toilet and no shower- while trying to adjust to the major life change that just happened with the birth of their first born son. They have inspired me with their attitude. God has given them much grace to get through this week. Truly all that matters to them is that Jon Miguel is doing well! Of course!!

I was thinking about how Amy came to visit the spring Jimmie was still in the NICU. She spent 2 whole days with Rachael in the NICU. Now I know that could not possibly have prepared her for the birth of her own son and subsequent hospital stay, but at least the incubator, oxygen, heart monitors and the whole setup was not foreign to her.

Speaking for myself- knowing what Rachael and Justin have gone through with Gracie and Jimmie has at the very least provided me with some major perspective when dealing with my own kids.

I will update again later if Rach and Justin end up taking Jimmie to the doctor. Rach was encouraged this morning- because he was eating.

Thank you so much for your care and prayers!



  1. Will pray for Jimmie!

    p.s. we went through similar thing with joshua when he was Jimmie's took several months for him to stop. He would sometimes wake up screaming 4-5 times every single night! But he would go back to sleep soon after I calmed him down, it seemed like he never was fully awake when he woke up screaming, more like having a nightmare, screamed A LOT and i really mean A LOT! I felt so helpless and sad for him, worried what the heck is going on in his little head when he sleeps...but I studied about it and found nothing alarming about this behavior. Some kids do that, some don't. Eliana so far hasn't done did stop after several months and we all slept peacefully again :)

    I will pray for that as well!


  2. We're continuing to pray for all of you and for little Jon Miguel and his family, too!

    We hope that Jimmie's soon feeling better and eating and sleeping like a pro!

    Lots of love to you all!
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. Praying for Jimmie and Jon MIguel!

    My daughter Sara had a couple of sleepless nights. I think she started dreaming and had some nightmares plus she got 4 molars in 2 weeks. I stress enough with her eating that when she is not eating nor sleeping then it's just too much... I got a night lamp for Sara that reflects little stars in the ceiling and stays on all night and a couple of more teddy bears to put in her crib. Not sure if it made a difference but now she is sleeping better. I hope Jimmie recovers soon, maybe he is not eating nor sleeping well because he is not feeling well? It's so hard, I'll pray for your family

    hugs from Sylvia

  4. What a blessing Jimmie is to this world, and how he reminds us that there are miracles every day.