Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jimmie Update & Pray For Jon Miguel!

Okay- first Jimmie! He is doing better! His fever is low grade and he seems to be feeling much better. Yesterday was hard for Rachael. He was so lethargic with the high fever. Jimmie never stops moving so it was really scaring Rachael to see him like that. Keep praying that he heals from this virus quickly.

Second- Our best friend Amy (Remember we were in her wedding in Vancouver last year at this time.) had her firstborn baby boy- "Jon Miguel" yesterday at 40 weeks. From what I know the labor and delivery went well. He is 8 lb 2 oz and BEAUTIFUL! However he is having trouble with his lungs. From what I understand he is in the special care nursery in an incubator on oxygen. It seems he may have aspirated some fluid. They told Amy to expect him to be in the hospital for 5 days. So we ask that everyone please please pray for baby Jon Miguel! Pray also for Amy and Jorge!!



  1. I'm very sure that Jon Miguel will be just fine. My son aspirated some fluid when he was born also. That was 26 years ago and just last week he became engaged to a wonderful girl. I will add my prayers as well.
    Go Jimmy go!! Feel better soon.

  2. We're so happy that Jimmie is feeling better!! We'll continue to pray for a speedy recovery, as well as for both Rachael and Justin to stay well and get plenty of rest!

    We're also praying for Amy, Jorge, and baby Jon Miguel. Congratulations to them!!

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle