Monday, December 13, 2010

Jimmie Is Still Sick

Jimmie is struggling with this virus. We think it's the same one. He is running low grade fevers, has lots of snot, is not eating well and of course not sleeping well.

He turned 22 months old on Saturday! We will get his 22 month post up. It's just been a rough weekend with sick kids. )-:

Thank you for your prayers.



  1. Sweet Jimmie. Prayers continued to you and your precious family for better health, and better sleep.

    Heather, Brent, Mary Louise and David

  2. So sorry he's still not feeling or sleeping well. We'll keep praying for all of you!

    Happy 22 months, Jimmie!!

    Love you all lots,
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. Aww sorry to hear ur sick Jimmie i hope u get better real soon cos xmas is just round the corner n it be no fun being sick for then..Sending my life n wishes to u all the way from NZ...Jay

  4. Ah man!!!!!!!!!! We will keep little Jman in our prayers.
    Love you guys, Amy