Saturday, January 8, 2011

Over The Worst

Jimmie seems to be over the worst of this latest virus. Although he did start a runny nose yesterday. This virus consisted of off and on fevers and runny stools for about a week. He did not eat well during that time, but thankfully the last couple days he has started eating well again. We are also thankful that he didn't lose much. Yesterday he was about 18lb 11oz. I swear we are going to want to have a party when our skinny little Jim Jim hits 20lb!! The poor kid is so scrunched up in his rear facing car seat. He is tall so his long legs are smashed up against the seat back. He has to be 20lb to face forward.

Remember when we used to pray "fat prayers" for Jimmie when he was in the NICU? Lets pray him to 20lb!! Here's a hint- staying healthy is KEY! He gains slowly, but steadily when he is healthy.

Lord help us keep Jimmie healthy so that he can gain weight!

He's in for more house arrest I guess. Rachael is pretty sure this latest virus was a result of mingling for Christmas.

Guess what??? Jimmie POOPED in the potty yesterday! It was more of a- mom noticing some signs and rushing him to the toilet- type of thing, but still... Jimmie is very interested in the big toilet and he knows what it is all about so he was proud of himself!

Go Jimmie go!

Thank you for your prayers!



  1. YAY for potty pooping!! Way to go Jimmie--and Rachael!

    We're so glad he's finally on the mend. We're still praying for all of you!

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle

  2. nice!!! way to go jimmie! that's awesome. i will definitely pray that he can continue to gain some weight and be healthy!!!

  3. Glad Jimmie is on the mend. The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends children rear face until age two or longer. If he's feeling scrunched (and he's complaining about it, not just looking funny) try him in a sunshine kids radian. It's not really the weight that is the issue with forward facing, it's the development of the spine especially the neck.

  4. Glad he's feeling better! We have our almost 3 year old still RF (he's 38" and nearly 30 pounds). He rides very comfortably in a Radian. Some car seats allow for more leg room than others. The Radian has the most, but the Complete Air, True Fit, and the MyRide are all comfy choices for older RF kids.

    This gives the reasons why we chose to RF long past the 1 year and 20 pounds rule:

  5. Great job Jimmie!!!! So glad to hear how well he is doing!!
    My 3 year old (39" 29.5lbs) is rear facing in a complete air. I love the seat and she loves sitting backwards!!! Not to mention its so much safer that way!
    Here are a couple great website to look at and or just look up some youtube videos on crash test dummies forward facing vs rear facing! Its kinda scary!


  6. Thank you Sarah, Lisa and Heather! We will look into the car seats. Janelle- thank you so much for your constant support and prayers. I know Rachael is very thankful for you. We have been praying for you as well!