Sunday, January 30, 2011

Speech Update

Jimmie is doing well! There is not a lot new or exciting as Rachael and Justin are keeping him isolated to protect him from the winter colds and flu.

His 3 therapists came for a visit this week. His speech therapist (and the rest of us) continue to be highly suspicious that Jimmie has Apraxia. Especially in light of the raving review coming from his cognitive therapist. She is just super impressed with Jimmie. Anything she would give Rachael for him to work on is at the 2 year old level. As you know it will be a couple of weeks before his birthday and he is not actually considered 2 years old until his due date May 28th. In other words- Jimmie is one smart little cookie!!! (-:

However those cognitive abilities being so advanced sheds light on the huge gap between that and his speech. He does not say much. He is becoming very advanced with signing, even signing 2 or 3 things in a row to make a sentence. This shows advanced language skills. All the while he is struggling with basic vowel sounds much less full words. He is often accurate with one vowel sound, but as soon as he tries to put another sound with it they both break down. This is all very much deja vu for us as my daughter McKenna has Apraxia.

Jimmie is so sweet. I did get to see him last week as Rachael agreed to bring him by my house for a rare visit. He was so cute! He's developed these adorable little shy mannerisms. When I say, "HI Jimmie!! Auntie is so happy to see YOOOOU!" He stands there and covers his face with his hands, but you can see his huge dimples peeking out between his fingers. Of course there is always the possibility that my over the top excitement to see him freaks him out. (-:

I can't help myself I love my Jimmie SO VERY MUCH!


P.S. Jimmie has been pretty hit or miss the past 2 weeks with his eating. He has been cutting his 2 year old molars. Rachael has done very well staying calm and not freaking out when he doesn't eat. This is a big victory for Rachael so give her virtual pat on the back! (-:


  1. well, I will pray for you guys. i am glad that he seems to be doing well. hopefully, with therapy, he will progress in his speech! love to you all!

  2. We'll keep praying for little Jimmie and both of you! What a little smarty-pants! That's great that he's doing so well cognitively! We'll keep praying that the speech comes along as well.

    Way to go on the keeping calm with non-eating, Rachael. We'll pray that your mind and heart stay at peace. What a blessing it is to know that our loving, heavenly Father is in control of it all and only does what is best for His children!

    Love you all so much,
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. I followed Jimmie's story while I was pregnant at the same time as Rachael. I lost track of it after having my son, new mommyhood takes time to get used to, and I just found the blog again. I started wondering how he was doing after I started logging back on to TCOYF. I'm so glad he's doing well! He's a beautiful little boy!