Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas- By Jimmie Gravitt

Hi guys!
Remember last Christmas how I puked while mom was taking pictures of me in my new toy? You don't remember... Well- here, let me jog your memory! That puke involved a rogue piece of tissue paper...


Okay so puking is not nearly as common of an occurrence for me now as it was last year, but I managed to keep this tradition going! I found some yummy chocolate in my stocking. I got a little choked up and- BLEH!

HA HA HA!!! Ewwwww gross!

Ahhhh Christmas traditions... Gotta love them.

So after I fulfilled my duties in "our" Christmas tradition I got to open gifts from Santa!

That yellow dish is part of a set that is mine! I'm very serious about those dishes because it's a grown up gift. I feel so big.

After gifts at my house I got dressed and we went to Ma and Pa's house!

Yes I'm wearing a sweater vest. And yes I know I make that look GOOD!

While we waited for the food to be served Daddy helped me fly. Warning- if you have a weak stomach for dare devil stunts don't watch!

If you are brave enough to watch me fly notice how I sign "more" every time I land.

After flying. . . I ate . . .

After eating.. (I ate good too!) We opened more gifts!

Pa took a video of me opening my gift from Uncle Eric and Aunt Rachel. There are no dare devil stunts in this video so all of you chickens can watch this one. Notice how I sign "open" when I get the box out of the bag.

My loud cousins were subdued for over an hour by my mommy's gift for them. Eggs with baby dinosaurs inside. They had to excavate them out. Things were peaceful for a LONG time! That was a stroke of genius mom!

Then good friends Ted and Pam sang Christmas carols just for little ole me! They have a long standing tradition of caroling the family, but we live kinda far. So I got my caroling on Christmas morning!


Here is a video of me enjoying the music.

I signed "more" . . . .

and "more" . . . I LOVE listening to music. Especially when it's live.

After that I took a nap and then went to a Christmas party with Grandma Gravitt's family.

Then the next day I opened gifts at Grandpa and Grandma's (Gravitt) house.

I got my own table and chairs to go with my own dishes!

AND I got a rocking horse!! Yee haw!! I make the cutest little ole cowboy!

Momma had more pictures from Christmas at Grandpa and Grandmas, but her computer and camera are not being friends right now and are in "time out".

I ended up missing Christmas at a couple of extended family get togethers because my momma and dad are trying to keep me healthy. I was doing good until about 5 days ago and then I came down with something. )-: ARG! I know you will pray for me to get better and start eating and gaining weight again.

My Christmas was awesome!

God has blessed me with so much love.

Jimmie Jim Jim


  1. Thank you, Amber. I really appreciate how hard you work at these posts. You are amazing! And Jimmie Jim Jim, you make me laugh! I love your good nature!

  2. What a great post!! We love seeing him signing and having such a good time. We love you, Jimmie!
    You're all in our prayers for good health and lots of good eating and for Jimmie's weight gain!

    Lots of love and prayers,
    Adrian and Janelle

  3. Thanks for the photo update! So glad that he likes music so much! Lets hope for a "throw-up free" Christmas next year:) We love you guys and can't wait until the extended cousins can play with Jimmie!

  4. Tks for sharing your journey on the internet. I love reading about Jimmie. It is wonderful that you had a tube free Christmas (this was also our first tube free Christmas). I will pray that Jimmie gets stronger with time so that he is able to fight off infections and viruses better.

    Hugs from Sylvia and Sara from Indiana

  5. First I have to say what a gifted blogger you are, Amber. You alway either have me laughing or crying! I check the blog every chance I get because I enjoy it so much!

    Second, Jimmie is so blessed to have such a wonderful family. He is sooooo darn cute.
    Thanks for including pictures Cole and McKenna with their dino eggs..... cool!

    Love you all so much! Get well soon Mr. Jim!