Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jimmie's Team And Some Discouragement

The March For Babies March Of Dimes event in the KC Power And Light District (14th & Walnut Kansas City , MO 64106)is coming up May 1st. It's a Saturday this year!! We would love for you all to come out and walk with us. Rachael and Justin and Jimmie will be there! If you've fallen in love with Jimmie through this blog and would like to meet him this will be the perfect opportunity! Go to Jimmie's Team Page if you want to sign up to be on Jimmie's team or make an online donation. This is what Rachael wrote on her page for the event:

"Please join us in walking for Jimmie, Gracie, Gabby, Cole, and Mckenna to name a few. After Gracie passing at 23 weeks and not a year later Jimmie being born 15 weeks early and spending 88 days in the NICU this walk is very near and dear to our hearts. This year will be especially wonderful as we get to have Jimmie there. Last year we walked while he was still in the NICU. We are looking forward to seeing our friends there, as well as meeting new ones. Please join us."

The mission of March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.

Rachael is also designing t-shirts this year. They'll be $20 and they have pictures of Jimmie on them! If you want a t-shirt let Rachael know before Friday, April 9th. Email her at

Jimmie update:

We are fighting discouragement the last few days because of a recent weigh in. Jimmie's Nutritionist comes once a month and weighs him and discuss any concerns with Rachael. He had been eating so well that we were just positive he was gaining. It turns out that he lost weight. He's now 14lbs 10ozs, and he didn't grow in length or head circumference.

We have been round and round on all different theories as to why he didn't grow, but what we have landed on is something does not add up. So Jimmie will go into Dr. S. next week and they will draw blood and run a full nutrition panel to see of they can figure out what is going on inside his little body. Perhaps he's anemic..? Something with his thyroid..? Hmmmm...

Anyway- we are assured that ultimately he'll be okay, but it's just exhausting, stressful and discouraging to work so hard with his eating and not see it pay off. He's still only receiving one tube feed in a 24 hour period. Rach is open to adding another, but he doesn't eat as well when she does that. Rachael is also adding some higher calorie foods. He has dropped off a bit with what he's taking in as well. He is cutting another tooth, so perhaps that is the culprit for that.

At this point Jimmie is about the size of a 4 month old and is pretty close to the bottom of the "preemie growth chart"...

Yes- he is very active and yes- small skinny babies do run in the family- both sides. Those facts give us a bit of comfort. It's just hard because there is so much pressure on Rachael about his care. He is just constantly under a microscope. It's hard for her to relax and just enjoy her baby. And with all she and Justin have been through with their children there is a back log of emotional trauma and exhaustion.

So please pray for Jimmie that he'll eat and drink well and GROW!!! And please pray for Rachael and Justin that they "...will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run, and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary." Isa. 40:31

Thank you for your support!



  1. I thought I'd share that E was 8#11 when she was born a week LATE (little bugger), but at a year she was only ~17# w/a soaked diaper. :-) There was absolutely nothing wrong. She was just petite and extremely active. I know it's hard from where you've been (and are) to keep the numbers at bay, but every child is different, and I know that the Lord is keeping Jimmie in the palm of His hands. You and Justin are awesome parents and are so in tune with his needs. I'm praying that you have the daily JOY of being his mommy, that you will know when to listen to the numbers and when to ignore them, and that you will truly have the peace that You, too, are in His hands.

    Blessings to all,
    ~T. Tandy

  2. thank you Tammy, I am trying to put every thing together. I keep reminding my self he is not a fragile 1 pound baby in the NICU. Maybe I can relax at some point.

  3. The verse at the end made me think of this song I hope it brings you all comfort as Jimmie continues on his journey filled with ups and downs!

  4. Rachael, I know it is hard not to be discouraged sometimes, but look at how active and happy and normal Jimmie is in every other way. He is truly a miracle, a wonder, a delight, God's handiwork. What a blessing. I keep those prayers coming. I haven't forgotten having twins a week late and 7 1/2 lbs each, and a year later my son weighed in at 30 lbs and looked to be 18 months, and his twin sister was half his weight and a tiny little thing. Can you imagine how each new day must be for him? Wow, so many things to taste and touch and smell and see - and so many are all brand new. And those pesky teeth - need 'em, but they sure interfere with feeling good some days.

    I know you feel like you are under a microscope, but this blog is keeping all of us up to date on Jimmie's progress - and let's us know what an incredible mom you are.

  5. Still thinking and praying for little Jimmie Jim Jim here!!! Love,