Saturday, April 10, 2010

My First Easter- By Jimmie Gravitt

Hi everybody!

This really isn't my first Easter. My first Easter I was in the NICU. But they wouldn't let me write any posts while I was in the NICU. They were strict!

I was stylin in a onsie with a tie. Don't worry my head isn't missin, I was just hangin out in my hood. My oxygen hood.

I know I know . . . it's taken forever for this Easter blog to be posted. It is most definitely not my fault. First Mommy kept forgetting to get the pictures to Auntie and then when she did Auntie got busy doing other things. I don't know how she could- everybody knows I'm the most important thing around. (-:

So on Easter morning when I woke up, Mommy got me out of my crib like always and we walked out of the bedroom like always and we stopped by the cool blue light on the thermostat so I could touch it and smile- like always, but when we got into the living room I saw...


Oooooo neeeeat-- I LOVE new things in my play space. Mom says she's so impressed with how I notice instantly if something is different in a room. If there is something new- I'm on it people.. It's got to be touched, tasted and thoroughly checked out. I have to make sure it's ok to be on the premises after all. (-:

This new little toy fire truck is good! It can stay.

New sippy-- yes it's alright, as long as I get to drink out of it on my own terms!

Alright- so now I'm big, I have my very own tooth brush just so I can brush my 2 (almost 3) teeth! This is definitely a keeper.

After the exciting Easter morning at my house I got all dressed up and we went to church. Then we went to Grandpa and Grandma Gravitt's house.

Man I'm cute! This duck bunny is really funny. It yells, "put me down!" when I pick it up by it's ears. And it waddles around on it's own kind of like Mommy's old fat cat- Misty.

And what are these colorful round things laying around?? Ok- Mom! Dad! Grandpa! Grandma! stand back, don't worry, I'm on it. We'll just have to see what these are all about.

Hmmmm, it's not dangerous- but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with it.?

That's right Grandma you let me- the expert- check this out.

After lots of fun and a little bit of mommy trying to get me to eat... we went over to Ma and Pa's.

And lo and behold there was more work to be done there! More of those eggs everywhere. And this time all over the front yard.

Boy that Easter Bunny sure did make a big mess. Good thing I like messes!

All in all it was a pretty fun day. Auntie Amber tried to put me down for a nap and failed. She didn't realize you have to hold me down to make me go to sleep. So that was fun, I had her singing songs and laughing about how cute I am.

Mommy had a hard day cause I was giving her fits and not eating the food she packed for me. I ended up eating enough though. So mom, here's the deal- sometimes I'm too busy to eat and sometimes I'm picky and tired of my options and sometimes I'm too sleepy and sometimes my gums hurt. I am sorry when I worry you though. I know you are working hard to get me all big and strong.

Someday I will be big and strong. Bigger than you Mommy and I'll eat you out of house and home and you'll barely remember what it was like to worry about me not getting enough. (-:

Easter was a good day. We are thankful to God for his Son Jesus and His Resurrection. It is through the power of His Resurrection that I am where I am today and it is what gives all of us hope we'll see my big sister Gracie again someday too.

Thank you for prayin for me!

Jimmie Jim Jim


  1. I have been checking often because reading these posts really make my day!

    This one was especially CUTE!

  2. Very very cute!!!

  3. Jimmie,

    You forgot to write all about how we got to hang out in the nursery together. You hit me a couple of times, but it was lightly, so I didn't mind. You sure were cute, and I loved getting to hang out with someone closer to my age--my brothers and sisters are still too big!

    Thanks for helping me practice my smiles and showing me how good you've gotten at walking. It was fun!

    I love you!

    Your cousin,

  4. Awww Janelle, I mean Acacia-- that was so cute!!!! Acacia and Jimmie will have fun growing up together!! (-: