Sunday, April 25, 2010

Silver Dollar City & Sick...

Justin and Rachael took Jimmie and went down with Rod and Kathy to stay for the weekend at their vacation home on Tablerock Lake. It was very hard for Rachael to do this. She was having a fair bit of anxiety about being away from home, changing things up and stepping away from their routine. Unfortunately there is also a new virus going around amongst the family and Jimmie was starting to show signs of coming down with it Thursday.

So far their visit has not been the disaster the last one was. More like Jimmie's first visit to Tablerock Lake when he was first starting his feeding issues.

He is sick. He's run some low grade fevers, has a cough and isn't eating very well. Rachael suspects he has a sore throat. He is drinking well though so that is encouraging. I'll share more about the fun things they've done this weekend when I get the pictures from Rachael to go with it. (-:

Pray that they have a safe trip home later this afternoon and that Jimmie eats better and feels better VERY soon!


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