Saturday, April 17, 2010

My First Visit To The Zoo- By Jimmie Gravitt

The rain did go away and I got to visit the Zoo yesterday for the very first time.

Uncle David, Auntie Amber and cousin's Cole and McKenna came...

AND Grandpa and Grandma Gravitt!

I started out munchin on a chicken nugget.

I rolled in my stroller just like my cousins.

"Most" of the animals were cool. And I was "mostly" cool about them.

This pig thing was alright...

See I'm not scared..

This is me lookin at the pacing tiger.

Nah- tigers don't phase me.

Wow what's that? A Rhino..

Hmmm interesting...

Ooooo what's that over there? A Gorilla!

I could take him!

Yes I could!!

Now those guys are HUGE!

But- do the Elephants give me pause?


Sure I'll pet a goat... No prob...

Yeah.. I got bored lookin at the enormous python. That didn't scare me at all.

But . . . as it turns out . . . I'm not superman . . .

I'm not scared by much..

I had blood drawn the other day without crying..

I've walked right into the middle of a sprinkler and stood there getting soaked with cold water. That didn't upset me...

Mom can't put me in my play yard because I climb the sides and fall out.. That's exciting!

I wasn't scared of the lions or tigers or elephants or snakes or monkeys or anything else..

The ONE thing that REALLY and I mean REALLY freaked me out was...


Anytime I was looking at a bird exhibit I ended up screaming..

In TERROR... Auntie thinks it's hilarious cause evidently my mom had an unnatural fear of birds when she was little too. So mean old Auntie Amber laughed while I cried. And apparently as proved by the picture above mom thought it was pretty funny too. Mom!! How could you?!

Daddy made it all better by giving me the best seat in the house!

I'm pretty sure my dad will "make you pay" if you tease me about the birds.

So don't even go there k..

It's a sensitive subject.. (-:

Besides the whole bird fiasco I had a great day.

Once when Mom let me down and I made a beeline for my Grandpa!

I walk pretty much everywhere now. Crawling is uncool.

Auntie says since Easter I've grown into a toddler.

She keeps goin on and on bout how I'm not a baby anymore.

Duh- Auntie!!

Course I'm not a baby anymore.

Anyway- back to Grandpa, he loves me! We are best friends!

We played at a playground for a few minutes.

Please excuse the food all over my chin. Every time I look up and open my mouth my mom shoves somethin in.

I love these tunnels..

These cute little air holes are the size of my head. Although I am big, I'm still kinda small.

At the end of the day Grandpa and I rode the carousel. I had my tired crazy eyes on by then. (-:

When we got home, mommy plopped me in the kitchen sink for a bath. Whew! What a day.

My first visit to the Zoo was a real good time and I'm a real good boy!

Jimmie Jim Jim


  1. Cuuuuuute! The bird thing is so funny! Er, I mean, NOT funny at all. Sensitive subject! ;)

  2. Grandpa you look like you're 'in love'....isn't it just the best spending time with the grandkids. I am glad Jimmy loves you!!

    Kathy Barnes

  3. This is just the cutest story ever!! Such a wonderful family and a very talented auntie. Have you considered putting this all into a book for parents of preemies? I would have loved something like this during my bedrest, visiting my preemie in the hospital, etc. Such a story of grace and hope. Glad Jimmie and his mom and dad are doing well.

    - Mary

  4. what a sweet post! The kids and I enjoyed looking at all the fun pics! So glad the zoo was a great experience- except for those darned birds- they are kinda creepy! : )
    Everyone looked so great and so happy!
    Love, Amber Voss, Liam and Ella

  5. Sorry, Jimmie, buddy - but I'm laughing about the birds, too! :) Looks like a great day at the zoo!


  6. I just now am seeing all these great photos!! Thanks for letting us see his first trip to the zoo! How fun and priceless!!

    Love you Jimmie!

  7. How cute and fun! Poor Jimmie, those birds can sure be creepy!

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle

  8. I agree that the expression on Grandpa Rod's face is pure love. And the picture with Jimmie running to his grandpa is precious!

    Thanks for sharing it with us.