Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hospital Bound?

Well after almost a week of the oxygen making a difference-- for some reason today Jimmie is refusing to eat. He's started getting a little more fussy with his feedings the last few days. Yesterday we noticed he was a little stuffy with some hard boogies in his nose so we set him up to eat in the steamy bathroom and that really seemed to help. We've also had success with turning up the flow on his oxygen. Today-- NOTHING is working.

Unfortunately Rach and Justin had left this morning for Tablerock Lake. So they are a few hours away. Rachael just called me to tell me what was going on. She was going to call Dr. S. for a direct admittance to Children's Mercy. In her words, "I'm DONE." I think the plan is they are going to drive back up tomorrow morning and possibly directly to the hospital. We'll see. I'll keep everyone updated. Jimmie has taken 9 ounces total today and is still having wet diapers, but is for the most part just chewing on the bottle and screaming because he's hungry.

Rachael is exhausted of the struggle. She just wants her boy to be happy and healthy with a full tummy. Please pray for her. Pray she will have perspective and grace! And please pray for our precious little Jimmie!



  1. i had a similar problem with my twins, they were early not as early a jimmy but after two weeks we had to change up the nipples on bottle until they finally just stuck to one, the oral aversion was tough, we used a varity lite soothie, mam , avent and playtex they always played with the regular, one ended up on avent through the day and nuk at night, the other on mam, all three had short nipples and avoided the deep part of the tounge. just a thought and thought id share,we were going for a ng tube until our ot found the pattern...hope and prayers as always your ways.

  2. Mama called me last night, and we've been praying since. We're eager to hear how he's doing today.

    Lots of love and prayers,

  3. Praying for Jimmie, and his mommy and daddy!