Sunday, August 30, 2009

Picture Perfect

Yesterday Jimmie peed on his outfit and I talked Rach into leaving his clothes off (she rarely does this because she doesn't want him to get cold and burn extra calories) for a few minutes to get some pictures. I love baby skin! And Jimmie is so picture perfect! (-:

Jimmie is so strong. He tries to sit up by himself!

Jimmie looks so funny because he is already trying to sit up, he holds his head amazingly. He is so strong I won't be surprised if he sitting unsupported in a couple of months. It looks weird and funny though because he is still so small! It's hard to get the perspective in pictures, but he's just a little bigger than most newborns.

When you lay Jimmie down on his back he goes crazy "movin and groovin"! The camera we use has a hard time keeping him in focus. (-:

Jimmie was hilarious yesterday with his tongue.

This is Ma holding Jimmie while he's being tube fed. I tried giving him his bottle. He let it be in his mouth for a few minutes and he chewed on the nipple a little and then refused it.

We had cartoons on t.v. for my kids to watch. Jimmie was more into it then Cole and McKenna.

At one point Cole shut the doors to the entertainment center and covered up the t.v. Jimmie yelled at him until he opened the doors again. It was so funny!!!

Pray for wisdom in how long we leave Jimmie on the NG. We are concerned because he hardly ever eats by mouth anymore. We basically have to choose one set of problems or another. Either he is in danger of dehydration and growing slowly with a constant struggle to get him to eat enough to get by. Or he is fed, but not eating by mouth at all and could develop aversions or bad habit etc... Also the tube itself is exacerbating his reflux by causing the valve in his stomach to be held open all the time. Maybe we could experiement by going back and forth some. Taking the tube out for a day or two and work on eating by mouth and then put it back in for nutrition purposes. We would need to learn how to put the tube in obviously, but anyway . . . these are some of the things going through our minds.

Also pray for Rachael, she is way back down in the dumps again and struggling with depression. She still needs to let go so she can receive grace.

Thank you for your continued prayers!



  1. I might be going against the grain here but I thought I would voice my thoughts.... I know that most parents want their children to do things the 'normal' way but sometimes it isn't possible.. You may want to consider getting a g-tube for him for now as that will not keep the valve open all the time and will allow him to grow but also continue to offer (but not force) the bottle and food when he gets to that age.. When he gets older (because it's a God given toddler thing and he's a boy!!) he will want to be experimenting with things like food.. As he gets older he will want to do things like the other kids and that will also push him to food..

    God gave you this handsome, dimple smiling little boy for a reason... Struggles and all and I'm sure you wouldn't want to exchange him for the world. (maybe the food issues but not him) Even in your struggles as you try to do what is right for your son, God is there, carrying you, Rachael and your husband and little Jimmie...

    Even in the storms, continue to praise Him... Praise Him for the smiles that your son still produces... Praise Him for the family that is helping you.. Praise Him....

    I know in some ways you can be thinking what right do I have to say these things as I have never had a son go through this and to be honest.. I don't... I have had a bit of a rough life... I have however have had a life transformed by our amazing God and ask for Him if there is anything I should say and this is it..

    Praying for you all...


    PS Any feeding system also has the ability to be put in a backpack that would allow you to go for walks while carrying Jimmie and feeding him.. That way you are not trapped inside all day!

  2. Just love your post. We met a precious little girl today. She is 2 and has had the same reflex eating as our Jimmy. She still has feedimg tube and even today will not eat.(at least Jimmy tries:) Her mother said to let you know her daughter is fine and it will get alot eaiser. She also thought Jimmy is doing great for his weight. (I dont think her daughter is much over 15lbs today.(I was lucky enough to get to hold her.)
    I was encouraged talking and playing with the two of them and hope it uplifts you as well.

  3. i will pray that God gives you wisdom to make whatever decision you think is best for Jimmie. I have never dealt with this, so I don't know what to tell you. I know putting the tube in is a traumatic experience for Jimmie, so obviously you wouldn't want to be putting it in and out all the time. Maybe the Neo will give you some insight at your appointment ( coming up on the 3rd right?). I am praying for you Rachael, and Jimmie and Justin too. You ARE strong and you WILL get through this. One of these days it will be a distant memory. Jimmie looks so happy in these pictures!!! He is absolutely adorable. Those dimples, agghh! They are so cute!!! Enjoy every single day with him, they seem to go by so fast! Before you know it, he'll be walking and talking! Love you so much and we pray for you every day.

  4. Your Jimmie looks fantastic, healthy, strong and happy.
    I had a thought about his feeds. If Jimmie will take a pacifier, perhaps you could let him suck on it while he is being fed. He then may associate sucking with a full tummy without having the reflux.
    Speaking from personal experience on depression, it is so important for you Rachael, to take care of yourself or let someone take care of you, ie. counseller or psychiatrist. Depression will deplete you, consume you and you will not be any good to anyone else, ie Jimmie. Reach out for help, it is there for you. There's no shame in it.
    God Bless you and your family

  5. What gorgeous pictures! I just want to sink my lips right into those dimples! We're still praying for grace, mercy, peace, wisdom, and healing. We love you all so much!

    "Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me: for my soul trusteth in thee: yea, in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be overpast. I will cry unto God most high; unto God that performeth all things for me.". -Psalm 57:1-2

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle