Saturday, August 22, 2009

Uncontrolled, Uncomfortable, Unhappy (But there is a silver lining!)

Today has not been a good day for Jimmie. He has had to be tube fed for all but one feeding so far as he is refusing to eat. He seems to be very uncomfortable. Rachael feels his reflux is still out of control! She is trying to be patient, but it is hard to watch Jimmie suffer. The medical staff can only move so quickly when increasing drug dosages. You have to give it time to work before you up it again. Rachael is frustrated this evening at the lack of progress.

Pray for Justin- his emotions and his stress are affecting him physically. He has a headache and a fever again, he feels sick to his stomach and he's having heart palpitations. This happened to him back when Jimmie was in the NICU too. Pray he can "peace be still". Pray "peace be still" for Rachael as well.

Here's the silver lining . . . .

Are you ready for this????????

JIMMIE WEIGHS 10lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wooooooooohhoooooooooo!!! Michelle-- your new nickname for Jimmie today (Big Jim) was perfect!

The bigger he gets the better and the sooner he grows out of his horrible reflux.

Lord please help Jimmie to heal, give his parents and the medical staff direction and wisdom in his care.

Please keep those prayers coming. Poor little Jimmie's reflux is *uncontrolled* so he is very *unhappy* and *uncomfortable* today. And so are his parents . . .


P.S. I just talked to Rachael and Jimmie settled down and peacefully took about an ounce from his bottle. Rachael said with that and learning he weighs 10lbs- she likes the little note this day ended on. So at least she's hanging on to the good. (-:


  1. that is good. i am glad the day ended well. will pray for justin! love you all.

  2. Preemie mom in CA is praying for all of you! Big Jim is sooooo cute!

  3. Prayers again for everyone. Jimmie, keep chunking up. We all love you. Rachael and Justin, get some sleep. Wait until he is 2!

  4. yeah for Big Jim : ) 10 pounds is such great news! Prayers are headed your way for sleep and peace all around!
    Love the Voss Fam

  5. Yoopee!!!10 pounds!!! Hoping everyone is having a better day today and that Jimmie Jim Jim ate more on his own and didn't struggel so much! Prayers are still coming your way...

    misha adn fam