Tuesday, October 27, 2009

30mls So Far . . .

This picture is from last week. But I imagine it's appropriate for how Jimmie is feeling . .

Jimmie took 30mls by chewing purposely on the bottle nipple and swallowing this morning. Rachael said he was clearly trying grab the nipple with his hands and squeeze the liquid into his mouth. He gets frustrated very quickly when trying to drink and although he did suck and swallow last night, he has not really done that today. In fact so far (as of 1:15pm) he has not really taken in anything else since this morning.

Rachael has a little more hope today after seeing him be so desperately hungry last night that he started sucking. She said if that's what it takes they'll continue on. It's just walking that tight rope of not allowing Jimmie to get dehydrated, malnourished or have his stomach shrink. And emotionally it's not easy. Jimmie was very brave yesterday, but he was very stressed and anxious. Consequently his nose has started to run. It's clear and he has no fever or apparent discomfort, but Rachael is afraid he's caught her cold. If Jimmie gets worse in that regard this weaning attempt will have to be put on hold. So pray that Jimmie does not get sick.

Rachael has read that it is common for kids to get sick while weaning. It is stressful and their immune system can take a hit. Jimmie will go see Dr. H. in the morning so it will be nice to have him looked over to make sure he is indeed holding up under this.

Rachael and Justin are hanging in there, but please keep lifting them up as well. It is hard for them to watch their little boy struggle to take in so little. It is hard to hear him crying from hunger.

Dr. H. is assuring them that this is what it takes for those natural feeding instincts to kick back in. Jimmie got tube fed for 3 feedings last night. That filled him up and gave him hydration and nutrients for a new attempt today.

Come on little man you can do it! We know you can do this Jimmie! Go Jimmie go!

Thank you for fighting for Jimmie!



  1. PRAYING! it sounds like it's going alright though. i am sure it is so hard to watch him struggle, but hopefully this is what he needs to start eating on his own again!! love you!

  2. He will eat on his own, we just know it! Continued prayers for all of you...stay positive. You are doing it!!!

  3. Sounds like it's going well!! You all are doing great! We'll keep praying for all of you. We love you all so much!!

    Try to remember that this is just a season...

    Lots of love,
    Adrian and Janelle