Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Developmental Pediatrician

Dr. S. called Rachael yesterday to tell her that he had gotten a hold of that Doctor I've spoken about. He's a Developmental Pediatrician here in the area. He had a cancellation on Wednesday afternoon so Jimmie will see him tomorrow!!!! We are hoping that this Dr. will offer us some confident and experienced support in the area of tube weaning!

I know Rachael is anxious to get going on this. She has continued to be in contact with the director of the Graz Clinic (Dr. M). Dr. M. feels that Jimmie is in a good position to wean. She said the younger they are the easier it is and she sees no reason to wait. The Graz Clinic's email coaching program continues to be the option Rachael and Justin will fall back on as last resort before going back to Children's Mercy and their g-tube plan.

I'm praying this local Doctor will offer what we are looking for!

Here are some more pictures from Sunday:

Jimmie watching the Chief's game! Look at that concentration.

Go Jimmie go! We know you can wean! (-:



  1. that's awesome! i am glad that he's gonna get in tomorrow! and, maybe jimmie needs to watch the chiefs games more often since they won! maybe he's the good luck charm! lol!

  2. crossing my fingers!!

    Kathy Barnes

  3. That's GREAT!! We can't wait to hear what they say! We'll keep praying for Rachael and Justin's wisdom and discernment, as well as that of the doctors. And for little Jimmie to just be 100% healed!!

    We love you all so much! Go Chiefs!! =)
    Adrian and Janelle